Hypersynth Xenophone Advanced Analog Mono Synthesizer - White Edition with Stand

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"Xenophone is an advanced analog mono-synth with 100% analog signal path. It has three oscillators, two subs, four ring modulators, one multimode VCF and analog distortion, all based on discrete analog circuits followed by a high quality stereo digital delay and reverb. The extensive modulation capabilities of the sound engine plus the warm and unique character of Xen's filter

SoundBank 3 Demo - HyperSynth Xenophone

Published on Sep 5, 2017 Hypersynthetic

64 Presets (Designed By ''Frank Neumann")
64 Presets (Factory)
PC Free (No External Processing)
OS v2.2

Hypersynth Xenophone in White & OS Updates

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"Firmware v2.1 Additions & Fixes:

-Optimized system performance.
-Added option to copy and paste a sequence from one preset to another.
-Added "De-zipper" to remove zipper noise of filter freq knob and modulation wheel.
-Removed: [Freq Enc Ratio] in global menu.
-Now semitone knob changes the oscillator pitch smoothly without any stepping.
-Now the OLED display makes less

Hypersynth Xenophone - sYNCHRONIZED ADVENTURES

Started streaming 2 minutes ago Sequentonal

"Today I am trying to get the Hyper working in harmony with my other gear...
this will be interesting since my setup is faaaaar from optimal...
there will be problems"

Hypersynth Xenophone AnalogSynthesizer Unboxing and first exploration steps

Started streaming 51 minutes ago Sequentonal

"I just received my new baby and will do my first unboxing video.
Since I have never done one of these before it will be quite an experience for me :)
Feel free to let me know in chat if there is anything in particular you would be interested in seeing/hearing.
This stream will feature only the Xenophone though I might include the software editor

Hypersynth Xenophone

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"Mint condition synthesizer including additional wooden end cheeks. Comes in original box with power cord, manufacturers manual, and original wood end cheeks."

Hypersynth Xenophone & Modor NF-1 Techno

Published on Apr 20, 2017 Ted James Butler

"Elektron Octatrack driving the Hypersynth Xenophone and Modor NF-1. Drums via Elektron Analog RYTM. NF-1 is running through OTO BAM. Xenophone is running through the Elektron Analog Heat.

Win a KORG Monologue from Norelco Mori at: http://norelcomori.com/news/korg

I'm really enjoying these two synthesizers. They sound very different from one another

Hypersynth Xenophone

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"Comes with both basic and advanced wooden end cheeks. Original box with A.C. adapter and manuel. Kept in a smoke free home recording studio and used a handful of times."

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