history of electronic music

history of electronic music

Synth Britannia – The Great British Synth Documentary

School’s back in session – so your homework for the weekend is to watch this awesome documentary on the history of synth music in the UK, Synth Britannia: Synth Britannia is a documentary following a generation of post-punk musicians who took the synthesiser from the experimental fringes to the centre of the pop stage. In the [...]

Daphne Oram & The Oramics Machine

This series of photos capture Daphne Oram’s pioneering Oramics Machine and related gear. The Oramics Machine was a pioneering electronic music instrument, developed by Oram from 1957 onwards. It’s on display as part of an exhibit at London’s Science Museum, Oramics To Electronica. Steve Marshall has an interesting history of the Oramics Machine at SOS. via [...]

Mark Mothersbaugh And The Electronium

Saturday Synth Porn: Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh at Raymond Scott’s Electronium. The photo captures Mothersbaugh at the Electronium, in Raymond Scott’s guesthouse in Van Nuys, CA, in 1993. There are multiple layers of music history captured in the photo. The large electronic instrument is Raymond Scott’s Electronium – an early sequencer + synthesizer combination, designed by [...]

Max Matthews On The Beginning Of Computer Music

Max Matthews on MUSIC I - the beginning of computer music - Bell Labs was uploaded by: echasalowDuration: 417Rating:

Free Music Friday – Vintage Music For The Buchla 100, By A 14 Year-Old Girl

Free Music Friday:  My name is Marietta Cashman is the name of a long-lost collection of works created on the Buchla 100 by Hanna M.G. Shapero between 1968-69. Shapero explains: From 1967 through 1970 my father, composer Harold Shapero, was director of the Brandeis University electronic music studio. The studio was equipped with a Buchla [...]

Dr. Samuel Hoffman Plays The Theremin On Johnny Carson In 1956

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Detroit – The Birthplace Of Techno

Resident Advisor continues its new video series with a trip to the birthplace of techno, Detroit: You can’t talk about electronic music without mentioning Detroit. The city’s DJs and producers birthed the genre we now call techno. Detroit, however, has always had a creative streak, due in large part to the boom and subsequent bust [...]

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