E370 & E352 Jam

Published on Feb 25, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"Caitlin's first full jam with the Synthesis Technology E370 & E352.

The E370 has oscillator one connected to the Roland System-1m which is being used as a filter. Oscillators 2 ,3 & 4 form chords outputted via the E370's onboard mixer.

The E352's 2 outputs are fed to the Mother-32's filer and envelope.

The Mother-32 (along with a Pico Seq)


Published on Feb 21, 2018 Worwell

"Lyra 8, Big Sky, Hexinverter Bass Drum, Mavic Air"

Hexinverter - Mutant Rimshot Jam/Demo

Published on Feb 16, 2018 Hexinverter Électronique

"Rimshot: a percussion technique where the rim of a snare drum is struck producing a dry, woody-sounding accent. Mutant Rimshot: an analogue Eurorack Module that produces realistic rimshots and.....other sounds.

In this patch the rimshot filter cutoff and pitch are modulated by Mofenzeef Devient, accompanied by Mutants Hihats, Bass Drum and

Hexinverter Monday Mindphaser

Published on Feb 12, 2018 Hexinverter Électronique

"Bass by Mindphaser. This module really knows how to throw some shapes on the oscilloscope! I call this one the heavenly trumpets....."

Hexinverter Monday Mindphaser

Published on Feb 5, 2018 Hexinverter Électronique

"More scope animations derived from the unique waveforms produced by our forthcoming complex VCO, Mindphaser."

System-1m bass jam with E352, Mother-32 and Mutant Drums

Published on Jan 20, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"A quick experiment the Roland System-1m playing a bass pattern and and the E352 tuned a couple of octaves higher."

New MINDPHASER Complex Oscillator From Hexinverter Électronique

Published on Jan 15, 2018 Hexinverter Électronique

"All-analog precision triangle core complex oscillator with thru-zero phase modulation. Coming soon from Hexinverter in the eurorack modular format."

Hexinverter - Red Dragon Filter - VCF for Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

via this auction

Cool packaging.

"Hexinverter Red Dragon in near mint condition. Awesome Polivoks inspired filter with unique morphing and resonance clipping controls. Comes complete with original box, insert, ribbon cable, and screws. No rack rash, but the knobs do show light signs of use. Smoke free home studio use only."

'OMD' Jam with Mother-32 controlling E352, Roland System-1m and Mutant Drums

Published on Dec 30, 2017 The Mad Music Machine

"Caitlin jamming with a very simple sequence taken from Enola Gay by OMD - we use the Mother-32 to sequence and control our E352, Roland System-1m and Mutant Drums"

Caitlin explains clocks with the Mother-32 clock and the 4ms Rotating Clock Divider

Published on Dec 29, 2017 The Mad Music Machine

"We have added a 4ms Rotating Clock Divider to the Mad Music Machine.

Here Caitlin uses it to explain synthesizer clocks by using a clock signal from the Mother-32 to trigger our Mutant Drums"

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