"Neuron" - Free VST based on Hartmann Neuron

Published on Jul 15, 2017 100 Things I Do

"The Hartmann Neuron is one of those synths that intrigues and seems full off possibilities. Somewhere between Sampler, modeller and resynthesis engine built for a short time in the early 2000’s

This is the VST based on Axel Hartmann and Stephan Bernsee’s creation that was also also for sale for a short time before the company folded. It came with a

More Hartmann Neuron Pics

For those interested, more pics have been added to this post. Scroll down to "New Pics". There are some nice close-ups. Remember, you can click on pics to bring up a larger version and zoom in.

Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer SN 0420 0294 0601 Unboxing Shots

Some pics in via MATRIXSYNTH reader Dirk who is currently selling it here. This is a brand new Hartmann Neuron.

"The German made Hartmann Neuron was a polyphonic synthesizer that attempted to break new ground using a new form of synthesis and sound-modeling they say was based on technology found in neural networks. What the Neuron actually does is it analyzes audio files (samples) and creates

A Few Hartmann Neuron Sounds

Published on May 19, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The Hartmann Neuron is a peculiarity among synthesizers as a whole: instead of structuring sounds around traditional oscillators or filters, it uses simple neural networks to analyze and recreate models of different "scapes" and "spheres." In Neuron-speak, that means this synth is based around techniques of physical modeling, emulating different

Rare Hartmann Neuron Synthesizer for Sale

via this auction

"Includes extra x/y controller sticks,knobs,extra power supply,extra hard drive,modelmaker software for win/osx and approx. 3gig of content including disk image. Ships in original box with a.c. cord."

The 20 Synthesizer - Axel Hartmann's High-End

Published on Apr 27, 2017 Synthtopia

"Industrial designer Axel Hartmann and his company Designbox have handled the industrial design for dozens of synthesizers - including the Waldorf Wave, the Alesis Andromeda, the Moog Voyager XL, the Arturia Minibrute and the Schmidt synthesizer.

At Superbooth, Hartmann was showing a personal project, the '20' synthesizer - a high-end synthesizer created

Hartmann 20 - exklusiver Synthesizer mit Waldorf Engine - Musikmesse 2017

Published on Apr 6, 2017 musotalk

Audio demo at 3:15.

"Das Designser-Studio studio design box feiert 20 igstes Jubiläum mit einem auf 20 Stück limitierten Synth für je 20.000 € !
Axel spielt das High-End Teil für mich an!"

MESSE 2017: Axel Hartmann's 20k Synth

Published on Apr 5, 2017 sonicstate

"The 20 is really something special as a design object, milled from a massive block of aluminium with custom hardware - even down to the knobs, only 20 will be made, its got the Blofeld based synth engine with high-end DA convertors too. Yummy. But not for the monetarilly challenged."

The First 20 Electronics Silver 20

20 music 20synthesizer body manufacturing

Published on Aug 2, 2016 20 Synthesizer

"This video is from the milling process of the 20 synthesizers main body. The entire instrument casing is milled from massive aluminium."

via 20's Axel Harmann

"It is a Sunday, and I am here at Design Box, finishing work on the first silver 20, that we have been building in the past few weeks. No matter, what

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