Gotharman's PolySpaze B

Published on Nov 14, 2017 gotharman

"Some impressions of the PolySpaze Model B."

Gotharman's PolySpaze - Some new digital filters

Published on Oct 22, 2017 gotharman

"Did some experiments in the weekend, with some new digital filter design ideas I had. I think that they turned out pretty well."

Gotharman's PolySpaze Proto - Some Impressions

Published on Sep 10, 2017 gotharman

"Some great sounds from PolySpaze. All sounds are made with the synth engine. No samples were used, and no external processing."

Gotharman CS Filter 1/2: overview (LMS Eurorack Expansion)

Published on Sep 7, 2017 Learning Modular

"This is the first of two movies on the IG000155 version of the Gotharman CS Filter. In addition to being a 2-pole multimode filter based on the classic Yamaha CS filter chip (IG00156) and its organ variant (IG00155: more bass; supposedly less crazy resonance), the Gotharman version takes the crown from Polivoks clone for being the most insane, unstable

New Gotharman PolySpaze Proto - Multi Timbral Synth

Published on Sep 4, 2017 gotharman

"Playing with my new PolySpaze in multi-timbral mode."


"4 note polyphonic/multi-timbral synth/sampler with analog filters, effects and sequencer

Save 160 euro by pre-ordering before 1/10-2017. First PolySpaze's expected to ship middle/late october.

Pre-order price: EUR 1.400,-

With 4x CV in's and out's included: EUR 1.700,-

-4 voices

Gotharman XXX3

Published on Aug 26, 2017 gotharman

"aNamoNo Xmini - Mini modular synthesizer with memory, exchangable analog filter, sampler, sequencer and granular effects"

Drone Man

Published on Jul 5, 2017 Droneman

This one in via Droneman. There are two videos in the playlist above.

"Patch browsing is a new kind of performance, like a DJ set, but with home made synthesizers presets instead of records. Somewhere between a mix and a sound design session.

This episode was entirely made with a Gotharman's AnamonoX, recorded, performed and directed live by Drone Man.

Homeward Bound | Dictaphone, Piano, OP1, FX Deformer, Timeline

Published on Aug 16, 2017 Hainbach

"Leaving my old home for my new home.
Find my Music on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp here:"

Washed Out | Tocante Phashi, OP1, FX Deformer, Timeline

Published on Aug 13, 2017

"Discovered that I can blow on the Tocante Phashi with a straw. Wasteland music ensued."

This might be the first time we've seen a straw being used as a controller. You can find previous posts featuring the Tocante Phashi here.

Multitudes of You | Dictaphone, Piano, OP1, FX Deformer, Strymon Timeline

Published on Aug 9, 2017

"On holiday, can't stop making music. Playing a piano I recorded into the Gotharman FX Deformer and harmonizing with the OP1. Strymon Timeline for space.
Find my Music on iTunes, Spotify, Bandcamp here:"

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