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Fruity Loops

Musikmesse 2011: Image Line FL Studio 10 Video

YouTube Uploaded by delamartv on Apr 6, 2011English after :30."Musikmesse 2011: neueste FL Studio Version Image Line FL Studio 10 auf der Musikmesse 2011. Image Line FL Studio 10 wartet mit einer Vielzahl neuer PlugIns und Funktionen auf."

Crunk on EMX1 ! - Car Hijack Beat

YouTube Uploaded by Elektriber on Mar 29, 2011"Notested that there's no crunk made on the emx1.99% of emx videos here on youtube are mostly techno based stuff.This Electribe is able to spit some good crunk .Now go and crunk your EMX.Njoy."Korg EMX Hip Hop beat 2 Uploaded by Elektriber on Mar 29, 2011"Sequenced on FL Studio , EMX as a sound module."

FLStudio10 | What's New?

YouTube Uploaded by imageline on Mar 28, 2011"Download the free FL Studio demo here - (soon) made in FL Studio by Toby Emerson recorded in FL Studio by Veela"


"soundsets from HARMLESS demo" HARMLESS by deejayiwanX

FL Studio 3xOsc

YouTube via imageline | January 06, 2011 | "Learn to use this simple yet powerful synth"

Shinect Turns Kinect Into A MIDI Controller

Click here to view the embedded video.This is a “quick and dirty demo” of Shinect 0.3 alpha with FL Studio.Shinect is a midi controller that uses Kinect. It’s based on the OpenNI library and written in C++.You can use 3 axies on both hands to send MIDI data, plus virtual midi pads that you can display on top of the video. It’s also multi-user (2 persons or more in front of the camera).via shinyless:Follow me on twitter to keep informed:

electribe mx 2 x0x b0x acid!

YouTube via Elektriber | December 30, 2010 | "a bit dark , but you can see the leds ;)"Desert Acid Elektriber | December 30, 2010 | "still havent lost it ;)just a short sketch for now.-Electribe MX-MAM MB33 Mk2-x0x b0x-FL Studio MIDI Sequencer"

FL Studio 9.7 Beta - What's new?

YouTube via imageline | November 30, 2010 | 0 likes, 0 dislikes"What's new in FL Studio 9.7.Visit Looptalk for more details: Credits:Christoph Maitland & Toby Emerson (Fall Silently) Veela (Victoria) on vocals."

Krakken around the world

YouTube via atomolab | November 30, 2010 | 2 likes, 0 dislikesAtomoSynth on eBay"www.atomosynth.comMy analog version of Daft Punk's "Around the world".Bass: krakken Keyboard,arpeggio: krakken module,vocoder: microkorgXL,drums: FruityLoops."

FL Studio 9.6 (Beta) - What's New?

YouTube via imageline | October 07, 2010"What's New Video for FL Studio 9.6 (beta).FL Studio, 12 years of Lifetime FREE Updates!Please report any bugs to Looptalk. song you are listening to is available in the beta download. Visit the Image-Line forums.- credits -Mini remix by nucleonhttp://www.electroconductor.comSpyro (revised chord progression and

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