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Blue Tweak

YouTube via coldhandmurr
"In general, had a rough time getting this recording to make it to YouTube...all kinds - capturing, editing, recording, corrupt files, etc etc. Guess I need to bring my software up-to-date. :/ I also had no idea the earlier version of this video made it online -- YouTube had reported that the upload failed with an unknown error, so I thought that was the end of the story. Eventually came across it on Matrixsynth blog, and I was totally surprised. :o

Forgot to hit record on the wav editor, too, so once again I ended up with camera audio. I tried to remove some of the camera whine and eq the audio a bit to make it sound as accurate as possible. Somewhere along the way, through all the formats and stuff that I put this footage through, it picked up crackles and pops. At this point I am throwing my hands up and uploading and moving on with my life!

Vermona Perfourmer, Vermona DRM1mkii. Sequenced in FL Studio, but really there's not much a of sequence - was focused on having fun tweaking. Sooner or later I will get a good track-length arrangement down, *and* manage to tweak on the fly... or I hope so anyway."

Shleed - Microtonal Steam Machine

YouTube via Shleeeed
Steampipe plugin from Reaktor 5
TR-606 samples
Doepfer a100
FL Studio to sequence the whole lot."

FL Studio Slicex controlled by single AudioCube

YouTube via Percussa
"Dan from Schaack Audio just sent us this cool video of a single audiocube controlling the slicex in FL Studio. Dan is building a new version of MIDIBridge using Raw Material's JUCE framework. More info about audiocubes at More info about FL Studio at"

AudioCubes FL Studio Tutorial by Spyro

YouTube via Percussa
"We just got an email from Spyro who lives in Venezuela and is a heavy FL Studio User. His real name is Mat and he did a video tutorial on using AudioCubes with FL Studio. Check it out!

Also, Watch the blog at - Spyro made a package of FL Studio examples for AudioCubes which well be posting in the next weeks.

Real Name: Matias Monteagudo
Akas: Spyro, Montéz, Tony Alpha
web: (website) / (VST plugins development)

Graduate as Bachelor in Music under composition area at the IUDEM, Caracas. Spyro has worked in areas such as movies, short films, TV spots, documentaries, theater, art exhibitions, plain gigs and fashion shows

His recent works includes the soundtrack and sound design for Plan B (a local action movie) Also 2D Animation and music/effects for the Prolapio series of humour shortfilms, and around 200 TV spots for clients including Toyota, Ford, Schick, Coca-Cola, SubWay, Kraft, Movistar, Bayer, Glade, Pfizer, Energizer and Kosiuko.

In 2005 after his participation in the Red Bull Music Academy on Seattle, Spyro is very proud to release a 5 Songs EP called Biodegradable with the label Yoruba Records, owned by his fellow friend, great musician and master DJ, Mr. Osunlade

Spyro also spend a lot of time making VST plug-ins for his brand called KlangLabs, his most known plug-ins are Vokko a stereo vocoder, StompBud a virtual body sounds sample player, and BackMan a realtime in-sync backwards audio processor."

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