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Frequency Central

Jeff Hunt DIY Synth Project - The Portal

Published on Oct 2, 2016 Jeff Hunt

"My DIY groovebox. I am a beginner. Just got started this year after watching videos by Casper Electronics. Highly recommended! I followed up by researching 9v/12v single supply circuits, and after much trial and error I came up with this final product. Many thanks to the folks on the Synth DIY forums on Facebook and elsewhere for tons of advice. Also many

Frequency Central Monobloc 01 and Monobloc 02

via Frequency Central

"Panels are in for these two. I need to get the website geared up for them, but they are available as from now- call me baby!

Monobloc 01 (42HP): System X Oscillator, State 700 Filter, System x Amplifier, System X Envelope x 2, Wave Runner LFO.

Monobloc 02 (42HP): System X Oscillator x 2, System X Fliter, System x Amplifier, System X Envelope."

Lower West Side Studio 5U Demo Videos

Published on Jun 24, 2016 Lower West Side Studio

These were spotted and sent my way via John L Rice. Thank you John!


1. Stroh Dual Gene Splicer

"Demonstration of the Stroh Dual Gene Splicer MU Module from
Details on the DIY build can be found here"

2. Frequency Central System X ADSR Fast / Slow Envelope Demo

"Frequency Central's System X ADSR - Demonstration of

Saline | Eurorack Ambient

Published on Dec 1, 2016 Björn Bommersheim

"This eurorack modular patch is dedicated to my beloved wife. Mausezähnchen, i love you more than words could tell ... so here is my love transformed into a little recording.

Patch notes:

mainly ...

Mutable Instruments Rings
Expert Sleepers Disting
Doepfer A-149-1
Mutable Instruments Clouds
Mutable Instruments Braids
Frequency Central System X

Frequency Central System X Oscillator PWM

Published on May 14, 2016 cane creek

"This is the Frequency Central System X Oscillator I built its made following the same schematics as the classic late1970’s Roland 100M VCO just instead of a pair of ua726’s it uses CA3046 instead, I didn’t realise the manual knob let you adjust the pulse width you learn something new everyday with an oscilloscope at hand. Anyway the Pulse width modulation

RNA vactrol crossfade fun!

Published on Dec 16, 2015 littlem4tt

"Just messing around with a vactrol crossfader on the breadboard and then controlling it from the silent way lfo.

The bass sound is a system x oscillator and the other input channel is an fm sound which is a sys x osc modulated by the sine wave output from the yusynth osc.

The output from the crossfader is then fed into 1 channel of the stereo hearne

GOLT! The Goblins of West End (Modular Synthesizer, ARP Axxe, Jomox XBASE)

Published on Jun 30, 2015 GOLT !

"A demo of my newly built System X Filter (Roland 100m Filter clone by Frequency Central). It's also the first time I've used the ARP Axxe in a track."

Nitzer Ebb style modular jam

Published on Mar 20, 2015 morphiclab303

"stepper acid driving frequency central 100m modules in a nitzer ebb style
great snappy fcuk adsr ,
drums provided by the dokta2
turing machine into filter cut off cv and bpf of dokta2 doepfer lfo into pwm of the fcuk osc"

New Frequency Central - Bartos Flur

Published on Mar 5, 2015 DivKidMusic

"A great CV to trigger / gate module from Frequency Central. Two inputs (one unipolar and one bipolar) clock input to only sample the CV inputs with a clock or high gate signal and 8 outputs switchable between triggers or gates.

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