Free Music Software

Free Music Software

Free Sound Bank For Sunrizer Features Sounds By Pavlov That Will Make You Drool

One of the best synths for iOS just got better. Beep Street has released a free sound bank for Sunrizer synth, featuring sounds by Artemiy Pavlov . To install it: Open Sunrizer on your iPad; Open Safari on your iPad; Click this link (or browse to; Select ‘Open in Sunrizer’ & click yes when you [...]

Free Live Rack Based On Infomercial NuWave Oven

Free Music Software: AfroDJMac wants to turn on Synthtopia readers to his latest free live rack, Nuwave Oven: Hello, I’ve created a synth using the electronic beeping of my infomercial sensation NuWave Oven. Not only does it cook great, but it makes a cool synth sound. Act now, while supplies last! Download Nuwave Oven before midnight [...]

Free Multitimbral VSTi Software Sampler Inspired By Retro Hardware Samplers

Developer Calle Wilund has released a free multitimbral sampler for Windows, TX16Wx: After several years of on/off development, I finally got my act together (somewhat) during July of 2011 and fixed the few remaining features I wanted to add before publishing the plugin. The result is the first public beta release of the TX16Wx VSTi Software Sampler. [...]

Free Synth Drums For Windows

Free Music Software: DSK Music has released DSK SynthDrums – a free drum synth for Windows. Features: 12 Patch drum Synth Easy assign sounds to keyboard Deep control over sound design Selectable output Midi automation User presets Filter, Distortion, EQ It’s a free download at the DSK site.

Free Ableton Synth Work Station Download

Free Music Software: AfroDJMac sent word of a freebie that he wants to share with Synthtopia readers: Hey Synthtopians, I want to share a Live Synth Work Station I set up in Ableton. It is set up for 7 virtual synths (all included) and 1 hardware synth/audio input. They are all routed into this week’s [...]

Free VST Inspired By Moog Taurus Bass Synthesizer

Taurus is a free bass synth for Windows, inspired by the classic Moog Taurus. Things modelled in beta 4: Alias free oscillators Finite oscillator reset time Nonlinear Moog ladder filter Nonlinear VCA Nonlinear envelopes (that means solving five non-linear differential equations, realtime!) Control circuitry at component level Download at the Smarelectronix site. via myVST

Free Ableton Live Instrument – The Whoosh Machine

Reader Taylor Martyr sends word of a new free Ableton Live instrument, The Whoosh Machine: Hello! We’ve been visiting this site religiously for years, now we finally have some cool free goodies to offer the Synthtopia community: Introducing the Whoosh Machine FREE Ableton Live Instrument by Sonic Faction. It can be downloaded for free from [...]

Free Ableton Live Rack Features Guitar Harmonics Synth (Plus – Synth Cake!)

Free Music Software: AfroDJMac sends word of another free Live Rack, Guitar Harmonics Synth: Hi Synthtopia, I’ve created a synth using the harmonics of a guitar at the 5th, 7th, and 12th fret of each string. It is equipped with useful effects and the ability to switch samples and reverse them. AfroDJMac is celebrating not [...]

Free Analog-Style MIDI Sequences

Alan Stuart at AudioVapor sends word of his latest collection of free MIDI step sequences: I have released a third pack of 50 free 16-step analog-style MIDI sequences suitable for electro, acid, trance, house & techno productions. Details: 50 loops per pack. Will work in all DAWs that use MIDI. These files are royalty-free to [...]

Free Generative Music Toolkit For Max For Live

Nwdlbots are a free suite of generative music devices for Ableton Live. These devices include MIDI event generators, pitch and velocity choosers and others. As well as generating events at random, nwdlbots can respond to activity on other MIDI tracks in Live, or to input from a MIDI instrument. In effect, nwdlbots control the density [...]

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