Free Max4Live Mono Synth from

Published on Jan 4, 2017 sonicstate

"We're giving away a FREE Max For Live Mono Synth - Mono Junction is a collaboration between Meta Function and Sonicstate. Multi-wave oscillator with PWM (of course!), multi-mode filter, 3x LFO and 3x ENV.
Get yours:
Requires: Ableton Live 9.6.2 and Max For Live 2.7.3"

Free Roland JX3P - String & Pads Sample Pack From Seaweed Factory

via Seaweed Factory

"This sample pack is the first of three in a series of packs featuring the Roland JX3P Synthesizer, released in 1983.

The first pack focuses on string and pad patches, as the Roland JX3P Synthesizer is well known for these types of sounds.
The four patches included have been multisampled directly from the synthesizer. The JX3P can produce 61 notes, starting at C3 (midi note

Odin: freeware VST-Synthesizer for Windows

Published on Jun 21, 2016 BommelDSP

"Odin: Polyphonic Freeware VST-Synthesizer for Windows by Frederik Siepe

Odin is a 12 voice polyphonic semi-modular synthesizer, which is available as freeware. If you like it, download it and have fun! :)


Special Thanks to Will Pirkle!

Awesome DSP-books by Will Pirkle:

Cluster Sound Releases MS-20 Free Live Pack

"MS-20 is a free multi-sample Live Pack reproducing the sound of the vintage Korg MS-20 MKII, the second generation of the super-star analog synthesizer released in 1978.

Released in the late í70s by Korg, the MS-20 is a stunning and very popular analog monophonic synth. Thanks to its semi-modular design the MS-20 can generate fat round basses, sinuous-worm leads and any type of analog sound

Bass City - Free Sample Library Featuring the KORG Poly-800, EX-800 & Yamaha TX81Z

"Free vintage electronic bass sample library by Chad Beckwith and Tomislav Zlatic.

Bass City is a free collection of synthesized bass samples created by Chad Beckwith from PatchArena and Tomislav Zlatic from 99Sounds. The library features a set of 26 classic analog and FM bass patches which have been multi-sampled from three different hardware synthesizers:

1) Korg Poly-800
2) Korg EX-800

Trigger Box Sequencer for iOS

Trigger Box - Step Sequencer Published on Aug 1, 2014 Justus Kandzi

Trigger Box - Euclidean Sequencer

Trigger Box - Shaker Preview

"Download for free:

The Trigger Box app sends trigger/gate signals to your analog synthesisers.




Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer for iPad

iTunes: Fifth Degree: MIDI Sequencer - Bernie Maier (Currently Free!)

"From a few simple elements complexity can arise. Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer based on a simple concept: loop around the musical circle of fifths in key and tweak the performance parameters live. You can use it to create a mesmerising loop and change the way it plays or use it as a base while you improvise alongside it

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