Folktek Mescaline Honeymoon patches

Published on Dec 30, 2017 While We Were Sleeping

"A selection of patches of my new Folktek Mescaline. Mainly recorded on our first weekend together.

The patches are:
0:00 - Intro - Sound and visuals not related - sound is: Channel sequenced by Motion
00:22 - 1 - Sweet Highs - Mescaline Channel high notes inc Polyphony
00:56 - 2 - Mescaline after Setup - Channel after/while tuning and

Folktek Mescaline - Mutable Instruments Elements + Edges - Reverbs, Delays & Instant Lo-Fi Junky

Published on Dec 21, 2017 isvisible isinvisible

"The Folktek 'Mescaline' is providing the percussion (everything apart from the quiet snare sound which is from Braids) and the low repeating lush reverbed sound.

The wonky continuous slightly phased sound is 'Edges' going through my 'Bistromath', a ZVex 'Instant Lo-Fi Junky', Mungo 'd0' and an SDS Digital 'Reflex Liveloop'.

The slightly

2 Folktek Mescaline jam

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Cray

"You can pluck the Mescaline"

Foltek Mescaline Pluck

Published on Dec 15, 2017 Cray

"You can pluck the Mescaline"

Folktek Mescaline - First experiments

Published on Dec 13, 2017 rupertlally

"4 patches I came up with on my first day experimenting with the Folktek Mescaline system."

Cray incongru

Published on Dec 11, 2017 Cray

"A new Cray track called Incongru using the Folktek Mescaline"

Folktek Mescaline fun 2

Published on Dec 9, 2017 Cray

A bit steampunk at 1:54.

Follow-up to this post.

Mescaline fun

Published on Dec 9, 2017 Cray

"Folktek Mescalin day one"

Folktek Mescaline Psychedelic Synthesizer System

Published on Dec 6, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"Folktek's Mescaline is an ethereal, unruly, and unabashedly gritty lo-fi sonic playground. This trio of panels allows for murky digital effects, sputtery percussion, overdriven and often rude synth sounds. Not for the faint of heart, the Mescaline is an aggressive, peculiar, and often frightening set of tools for edgy, experimental music.


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