Hawkeye - Zero Circuit (C64 SIDs vs Ensoniq ESQ-M, live)

Published on Jan 12, 2018 Maelstroem3

Note the yellow Waldorf micro Q Rack with custom chrome knobs.

"The MBLoopA is a fun tool to record ideas, while it lacks quite a lot of features of its bigger brother, the MIDIbox sequencer, it focusses on the essentials, offers an easy workflow and is totally sufficient to record smaller tracks - the graphical noteroll display helps a lot to visualize

Siel Opera 6, Ensoniq DP/4+, Arturia Beatstep

Published on Jan 5, 2018 Joakim Floke

"In this video I'm having a go with my Opera 6 again... I coudn't resist to shoot this toghether with the Ensoniq DP/4+. They sound so good. The Siel usually sounds very dry and frothy. Not so much more. A bit of compression, wee chorus, delay and reverb from the DP/4+ just makes it so sweet!"

Ferro - In The Studio

Published on Jan 2, 2018 FACTmagazine

"An analog den.

Jasper Verrijzer is an Amsterdam club scene mainstay. Working as a resident DJ and A&R for go-to imprint VBX Records, while producing house and techno as Ferro for the past three years, he's certainly tuned into the city's dance music frequencies.

After filming his impressive session for Against The Clock in November, we took a tour of

Ensoniq EPS - Synthesized Loop

Published on Dec 30, 2017 100 Things I Do

"The Ensoniq EPS was the first sampler I owned. This was in the early 2000's and by this time anything less than 16 bit 32mb ram was considered unusable so I picked it up for a few hundred dollars and started to build my studio around it. Of course being the early 2000's I started lusting after a AKAI S1000 with 16 bits and 32mb of RAM :D... So the EPS

ESQ-1, ESQ-M. SQ-80 *NEW* RAM cartridge demo

Published on Dec 28, 2017 geerefamilyusa

"*New* (no talking) review of a newly manufactured Ensoniq RAM cartridge by synth veteran Richard Geere."

Synth Wizards Episode 4: Desert Island SQ-80

Published on Dec 28, 2017 Syntaur

"The Syntaur team takes the Ensoniq SQ-80 from an all-around mainstay to an absolute essential, and gains a synth wizard in the process. Featuring a rare interview (well, sort of...) with Ensoniq founder Bob Yannes, and music by Quincas Moreira and Jeffrey Koepper."


Ensoniq ESQ-1 overview and RAM cartridge review

Published on Dec 26, 2017 geerefamilyusa

"Synth veteran Richard Geere overviews the Ensoniq ESQ-1.
AND reviews a newly (2017) manufactured ESQ-1 RAM cartridge."

Ensoniq FIZMO realtime transwave synthesizer

via this auction

"I previously had this listed as not working. I thought this was in need of repair, but all along it was a bad power adaptor. I found a spare adaptor and the synth is indeed working great."

Note these still require a voltage regulator fix to be safe. You can find details on the Fizmo fix on Carbon111.

The Machines as Cantina Band

Published on Dec 21, 2017 HostileSlothRecords

"The Machines perform 'Cantina Band' by John Williams from the original Star Wars movie.

Key Gear Used:

Roland MV-8000 sequencer
Ensoniq TS-10 synthesizer
Ensoniq DP-4 effects
Waldorf NW1 synthesizer
Doepfer A-100 eurorack synthesizer
Electro Harmonix effects

Filmed with Nikon DSLR by LavLab"

Upgraded Ensoniq Fizmo Transwave Synth Keyboard

via this auction

"This Fizmo has has the power regulator upgraded and all of the plastic shaft pots have been replaced with steel shaft pots to help with longevity and smooth playability of this wonderful instrument!"

Treat Yourself :)