Modularctor for monome ARC 4

Modularctor from Pauk on Vimeo.

"My first m4l app for the monome ARC 4
It's a double CV/LFO controller to be used with DC output soundcards.
Took some code from Beap by stretta."

Update: Thread on the monome forum: http://monome.org/community/discussion/17468/new-arc-app-modularctor#Item_3

Musikmesse 2014 CLAVIA Nord Lead A1 & A1R Rack Synthesizer Module

Published on Mar 12, 2014 MusicStoreTV·2,310 videos

Musikmesse 2014 CLAVIA Nord Lead A1 Synthesizer

Published on Mar 12, 2014 MusicStoreTV·2,310 videos

Cwejman Modular 4-voice

Published on Mar 12, 2014 bigcitymusic·310 videos

"A 4 voice harmony is set up using a Cwejman D-LFO (2 voices), MMF-6 (self-resonating) and BLD. Each voice is run through the 4ms VCA Matrix where the Cwejman RG-6 is used to randomly modulate contour dynamics for each voice channel. MIDI to CV for each voice is provided by the Vermona qMi. The Livewire Chaos Computer is modulating the Cwejman

[ Modularsquare ] Présentation du Morphing Terrarium (E350) de Synthesis Technology

Published on Mar 12, 2014 modularsquare·40 videos

"(If you don't speak french go straight to 05:33 for more french BUT with Terrarium sounds)

On continue notre exploration des modules avec le E350 de Synthesis Technology, aka Morphing Terrarium.

Caractéristiques à retenir :
- 3 banques de 64 formes d'ondes
- Morphing entre les formes d'ondes activé par défaut, mais possible de le désactiver

Getting rid of clicks!

Published on Mar 12, 2014 MAKEN0ISE·36 videos

"This video shows how to adjust your envelopes to avoid causing clicks in VCA output due to sudden zero-crossings on simple waveforms.



via eBay Spain

"Comes with 6 x Moog, 6x Sem mutimode and 6 x Arp 2600.

One of the best analog synth in present. Completly analog, can use in poly mode, or in multi, in multi can use how you prefer, for exemple, One voice for massive Bass with Minimoog filter, Another with 3 voice incredible Brass with Arp 2600 filter, Another with 2 voices with incredible Lead with sem multimode filter, and

SYNTON FENIX II - Modular Synthesizer and Audio Processor

via this auction

3 VCO’s, 3 different VCO's (Inputs CV, FM, PWM, Sync e.o, Output square, triagle, sawtooth and some has puls, sub, sine e.o)
4 different VCF´s (SVF, 24dB Lp, BPF, 12dB Lp). (Input CV modulation, SVF has Q-CV control)
3 EGR and 4 VCA’s and 5 LFO’s. (Many modules are voltage controlled)
7 Mixers ( 3 audio mixers and 4 DC-Audio mixers).
1 Phaser and 1 Delay (BDD: il souffle

SYNTON FENIX III - Modular sequencer

via this auction

"1 LFO board
3 Sequencer boards
1 CV expander boards (with potmeters)
3 gate expander 1 boards (with switches)
1 gate expander 2 boards (with switches)
1 Banana to 3,5 mm minijack connectors

LFO board has a LFO with divided outputs, delayed outputs, duplets and triplet’s outputs, attenuators, gate buffers, glide modules, quantizer, gate to S-trigger and a midi sync input (you

ELEKTRONIKA EM-26 SN 03280 Soviet Analog Synth Vocoder

via this auction

"Electronika EM-26 portable vocoder is intended for synthesis the voice or external signals, has internal strings ton-generator, analyzer-synthesizer, modulations and vocoder effects. Control panel include 4 sections: VIBRATO, VOCODER, STRINGS and LEVEL, also it has a panel real time transpose and other controls.

VIBRATO section has sliders - accent, depth and rate

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