Andreas Tilliander - Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)"

YouTube via AdrianRecordings. Some synth spotting sent my way via /kroffe.
Spoiler alert: watch before you see the list of synths further below.
"the video for the first single "Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)"
of Anderas Tilliander's new album "Show". The video was shot during
one day with a Nikon D90."
video description
"This is the video for the first single "Caught in a Riot (Feat. New Moscow)" of Anderas Tilliander's new album "Show". The video was shot during one day with a Nikon D90.

Idea, script, photo, cutting, postproduction and direction: Olof Werngren
Featuring: Andreas Tilliander
Extras: Maja Atterstig, Magnus Bjerkert and Annette Persson


Warm thanks: Annette Persson Björn Stegman Cervera Erikshjälpen Malmö Erikshjälpen Åkarp Fredrik Holm Andreas Hörlén, JAM Malmö Joel Arvidsson Johan Hedelius Maja Atterstig Max Lodin Moa Björnsson Myrorna Malmö Oktawian Gornik Pontus Wickman

Pre-order the album here: http://www.bengans.se/popup/andreas_s..."

Spoiler alert! Stuff I spotted (let me know if I missed any):
Oberhiem SEM
Roland TB-303
Roland MC-303
Roland MC-202
Roland TR-606
Clavia Nord Lead Anniversary edition with reverse keys
Roland TR-707
Roland TR-909
Roland SH-101
DIY Modular (Suitcase and one other)?
KORG Vocoder
Roland MC-909
Yamaha CS5
Arturia Analog Factory Controller
Roland D-50
Roland Jupiter-4
Moog Voyager

moog solo bunmei #1

YouTube via bunbunmei. "He Plays many moogs!!"

moog solo bunmei #2

circular oscillator VIII by zebranalogic

YouTube via zebranalogiczetangas
"This is the new creation of zebranalogic, this module come with the next implementation:
midi input with dips switch to select transpose, range, channel. This unit have also others implementations like: vcf light, vcf , vca, 4 vco, distortion and more. For more information you can go to the web site of zebranalogic...... www.zebranalogic.com .......and keep in touch."

The circular Oscillator VIII

Kutiman-Thru-you - 03 - I'm New

YouTube via kutiman. Roland RS-09 and SH-101 in this one.

Source synth vids:

Roland SH-101 Analog Synthesizer by RetroSound

YouTube via retrosound72

Roland RS-09 like Arp Solina (oddly, I just posted this one earlier below)

YouTube via Sketchboxx

Moog MULTIMOOG Checkout by Mike the Teacher

YouTube via MikeTheTeacher

Non synth source vids in the description here.

JJ Abrams Synthwood Sequential Circuits Pro-One

Yes, this JJ Abrams

THE JJ Abrams of Bad Robot that brought us Alias, Lost, Fringe and is about to bring us the new Star Trek film. If you were a fan of Music Thing you might remember that JJ Abrams is actually a synth aficionado from this post.

THIS IS his Pro-One redone by Synthwood. You can find more images of it here.

So... My question is... When are we going to see an obscure synth on Lost! Come on JJ, it would fit right in, you can do it! :)

Labeling this one as "Featured." If it's not worthy of the label, I don't know what is... Think about it, the guy behind Bad Robot is into synths! [Lost is my favorite show on TV BTW]

Note the inscription on the modwheel casing in the bottom shot.

Serge Creature

YouTube via hexenduction
"This is the Serge Creature M-odule by Sound Transform Systems. All sound was generated by the Creature.
A touch of delay was added by the Moog MF104 on some sections.
Shot with a Kodak Zi6 in Macro."

SEQUENTIAL CIRCUITS TOM - 8-bit vintage drum machine 1985

YouTube via AnalogAudio1
"The Sequential (Circuits) TOM is a great drum machine - similar to the SCI Drumtraks. Also it could be the little brother of the Studio 440. It has a decent MIDI implementation and understands MIDI SysEx. The TOM's memory contains 8 samples; inserting a sound cartridge, you can have 7 additional samples. The crispy 8-bit samples sound great. In this video you will hear the following cartridges: "basic percussion", "special effects", "latin percussion" and "contemporary"."

Sunday Modcan Aleatory

"100% aleatoric (randomly generated) music generated while doing studio maintenance. No MIDI or sequencers are used for composition or playback. All modules are Modcan except for a Cynthia dual ADSR and a Synthesis Technology patch/multiple module."

Treat Yourself :)