Rare Prototype Roland PG-200 with Misprints

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"Early Roland PG200 / Prototype with misspelled "Enverope" and "Sourse" sections. Check out a normal production PG and you'll see how Roland has "fixed" the screen printing after discovering the mistake.

Works perfectly. Some minor scratches (see photos). Includes case and cable. Works with JX-3P and GR-700."

Craig Padilla & Mattson Mini Modular "Challenger Deep"

Published on Jun 5, 2014 Craig Padilla TV·25 videos

"This was shot while I was recording the song 'Challenger Deep' in my home studio in September, 2013. It was created using ONLY a custom Mattson Mini Modular synthesizer and Mattson/Division 6 Sequencer running through a Roland Space Echo unit. This song is available on my very limited edition double colored vinyl LP 'SONAR' released on FRUITS

4 Year Old Hank Demos Vintage Moog Minimoog Custom Black SN 6255

Hank Demos the MiniMoog Published on May 18, 2014 Kip Amore·36 videos

"Hank takes the MiniMoog for a spin. So simple a 4 year old can operate it. You might also enjoy my other videos, where Hank shows you how to start a Hammond, and also plays Wurlitzer for a festival crowd. Enjoy."

via this auction

via the seller: "The story behind this mini is a buddy of mine bought it in the mid 80s when

Self Sequencing Modular Patch II

Self Sequencing Modular Patch II from ka010 on Vimeo.

"Evolution of my previous patch (https://vimeo.com/94917298 [here]) this time all self running, no wiggling at all. Darwin is triggering the snare, bassdrum and hihats are triggered from a the Doepfer A-166 logic module which is fed with various triggers and clock divisions. The main sequence is still coming from a Pressure Points which

Chariots Of Fire - Vangelis - Using 37 added monophonic Korg MS-20 mini tracks!!!

Published on Apr 18, 2014 MrCaliforniaD·41 videos

"This recording has been made using ONLY a Korg MS-20 mini.

Original midi tracks has been exploded into a total of 37 monophonic tracks and then processed, one at a time, through a MS-20 mini."

Vangelis with a KORG MS20 Mini V-Neck sweater.

Lep Multicassa Eurorack Modular Prototype

Published on Apr 18, 2014 FunkyjunkItaly·35 videos

"Lep Multicassa is an eurorack polyrhythmic drum module that includes 4 kik drum busses and 2x clock dividers."

via Killing Toys aka Funkyjunk on Facebook.

Two Thousand Six Hundred #38

Published on Mar 25, 2014 Heavy Metal Kid·1 video

"The TTSH is an ARP 2600 DIY clone from The Human Comparator (http://www.thehumancomparator.net). I built mine in March 2014, as seen in this time lapse. Some parts of the build were not documented due to battery running out.

All sounds in the video come from this synthesizer. The middle section is the TTSH sequencing itself via sample and hold

Roland Aira TR-8 Under The Hood : Hidden Features

Published on Mar 19, 2014 SonicSenseProAudio·132 videos

Roland Aira's on eBay

"Miles from Sonic Sense Pro Audio demonstrates some of the little known features and functions of Roland's new Aira TR-8 drum machine."

The Moog Synth Installation at Rough Trade NYC Hosts Sound Experiments Curated By Tom Tom Magazine with Kiran Gandhi (M.I.A.), Chloe Saavedra (Chaos Chaos) and More Thursday, March 20th

"RSVP To Tom Tom's Sound Experiments HERE.

In celebration of Bob Moog's spirit of innovation and creative experimentation, Moog has installed a Synthesizer Residency inside of Rough Trade NYC at 64 N 9th Street in Brooklyn for the month of March. The installation at Rough Trade is Moog's next step on the way to Moogfest, the innovative festival taking place in Asheville, NC April 23 - 27.

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