Happy Knobbing 2007 flickr set by fonitronik
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"all bananas"

KORG PS-3100

"Happy Knobbing 2007 in Fishbach/Germany - where the modular geeks meet..."

Anyone ID the modulars?

diy fest

YouTube via lazenbleep
"my eye view of the 2008 art and technology festival in zurich"


YouTube via grauoliv
"Excerpt of the 10th jamsession of the ambient circle in the unperfekthaus in Essen. Video and music is not in sync. 6 players and no computer this time. Go to for music and pictures of some other sessions"

Synth-DIY UK 2009

"Synth-DIY UK 2009 will held on July 17th at Robinson College in Cambridge, the same great venue as we've used since 2003.

This is the 10th anniversary of Synth DIY-UK, so we'd like your help and support in making this the biggest and best Synth DIY UK event to date! We're trying to organise some events throughout the day, like trying to get the people from the first event together and a gig in the evening. As things develop we'll update this page.

We're starting to collect raffle prizes, if you have something you wish to donate for the raffle (which is for charity) then please let me know and I'll add you to the list below."

CDM Blip Festival Meet Up

For those of you lucky enough to be in New York this weekend, Create Digital Music will have a meet up at this years Blip Festival.

New York Theremin Society - Nov. 29th


This year's New York Theremin Society presentation will feature Kip Rosser in a Solo Theremin performance, accompanied by a 3-D Projection show of Stereoscopic images of World War
by the Depthography Group.

This program b

MoogLab: Live Video Controlled by Theremin

MoogLab HatchFest 08

The Bob Moog Foundation has not only been doing great work to

catalogue Bob's archives but tremendous outreach too.

Treat Yourself :)