More Space Controlled Adventures with MoogLab at Big Ears, Tenn.

big ears

The Bob Moog Foundation will be bringing its Interactive Sonic Experience, or
MoogLab, to the inaugural

music festival in Knoxville, Tennessee. BIG EARS
'09, taking place this weekend (February 6th-8th), which looks
to be a wild three days of musical explorations.
And Pauline Oliveros will be there too!

After some astounding theremin controlled video setups last year,
The Foundation will be offering its MoogLab experience
throughout the weekend. A team of volunteers will be guiding folks
through several interactive stations of Moog theremins, synths, and effect

The mission of BIG EARS is to offer an exciting
and dynamic platform of musical and artistic discovery, presenting a variety of new music
concerts and performances, discussions,
and installations.

modulator_esp's live New Years Eve 2009 Set

You might remember the event from these posts. You can find modulator_esp's set here.

via modulator_esp on the forum.

Moogseum - Images and a Letter from Brian Kehew

via Brian Kehew of The Moog Cookbook on the new Moogseum:

"So - the announcement was made of the first museum show from the Bob Moog Foundation Archive. This is the stuff we've been sorting and cataloging over the last many months. It will be at NAMM's own museum, a perfect place, as NAMM's about making music and the instrument industry. Michelle Moog-Koussa has arranged to release the first pieces from the Archive to be seen in public; a tiny fraction of stuff was in this case at NAMM. Prototypes and production models of Bob's designs, tape masters and copies, photos, schematics, his daily notebooks; lots more will be coming. In some ways, it will be a perfect preview of the proposed Moogseum plans that were unveiled at the NAMM show as well...

The show begins in September, I know they will be having opening celebrations and almost certainly hosting concerts/talks relating to Moog history and Bob's life throughout the run of the exhibit. It should be pretty popular. Much of it will be geared to the teaching of the history and relevance of the Moog story - as they have over 100,000 students a year come through.

I know they are interested in loans of instruments than can be shown during this museum exhibit. I have already arranged for some of the main designs to be loaned, but I know they are currently lacking an original R.A.Moog theremin, certainly an important featured item. If anyone has one to loan - please contact the Moog Foundation Archive.... Other items to loan or donate would probably also be welcome, if you have anything special (signs, photos, etc). It's already an astounding collection of stuff if you're into Electronic Music; and fantastic that it's finally going to see the light of day."

You can find contact info at the bottom of The Bob Moog Foundation

Wendy Carlos' Clockwork Orange

more images here

ÉuCuE xxvii - Jan. 2009 - "Plugged"

"Concordia University’s Music Department (Electroacoustic Studies) and Concordia Electroacoustic Studies Student Association (CESSA) are happy to announce EuCuE "Plugged" - a series of six electroacoustic and multimedia concerts taking place between 28 and 30 of January 2009."

I'm obviously a bit late posting this, so my sincere apologies. I like to keep posts focused on specific synths vs. synths in general and I completely missed this one. That said there are still performances tomorrow including Alessandro Cortini (Blindoldfreak, formerly NIN) and his Buchla 200e. You can find more info on the event here.

Note there will be follow up concerts for Blindoldfreak on Feb 1st in Québec, 2nd in Ottawa and 7th in Montréal. g. will be playing with the system pictured in this post (Sid the cat), with slight module changes (AFGs, Frequensteiner, less Doepfer, etc), Max MSP and a Novation remote 25SL controler. You can find more info on the shows on Blindoldfreak. If you are in the area, this is a great opportunity to see some of this equipment used live.

Modular Synthesizer Meeting - Fischbach

4th Happy Knobbing Modular Synth Meeting May 29-31, 2009.

via Aliens Project

Without Touch 3.0 - Lippstadt, Germany - March 13 - 15

The Without Touch 3.0 Theremin Festival 2009 in Lippstadt, Germany has been announced for March 13 - 15.

Guest Artists include: Lydia Kavina, Barbara Buchholz, Carolina Eyck and Randy George. In addition to performances, lectures, and general theremin camaraderie, there will be lessons for beginners and advanced players.

It was a big hit last year, cannot wait hear about this one!

Conrad-Hansen-Musikschule der Stadt Lippstadt

Von-Galen-Platz 1

59557 Lippstadt / Germany

Handmade Music Night

YouTube via Popscivideo. via brian c
You can find some previous posts on the event here.
"Part party, part mixer, part Science Fair, and part performance, this is an informal chance for geeksters and the geek-curious to come together, relax, and discover new sounds and drink complimentary cheap beer. The evening is a gathering of inventors of new instruments and music technology. Featuring circuit-bent toys, custom software and patches, interactive digital and visual instruments, custom electronics, electricity-powered noisemakers, DIY robots, and new acoustic instruments. And it's open to everyone from hard-core hackers and newcomers to music lovers who want to learn about the DIY music scene."

California New West Sympony + Theremin This Weekend!

new west symphony

To continue a great start of the Theremin Year 2009,

ThereminWorld member Charles Richard Lester will be joining California's New WestSymphony as
the theremin soloist in Miklos Rózsa's Spellbound Concerto.

There will be three performances this weekend:

Friday, January 23, 2009 8:00 pm

Oxnard Performing Arts Center

Saturday, January 24, 2009 8:00 pm

Thousand Oaks Civic Arts Plaza

Sunday, January 25, 2009 4:00 pm

Barnum Hall on the Campus of
Santa Monica High School

Congratulations and thanks for getting the theremin on the concert stage Charles!
He posted more details in our forums.

Tristan Perich: Active Field - LIVE Tonight

Tristan Perich: Active Field
WITH William Brittelle: Mohair Time Warp

Tonight, Active Field, Tristan Perich's first major work for ensemble with 1-bit music accompaniment, arranges ten violinists and ten audio speakers on stage in a work that investigates the fundamental relation between physical and electronic sound. Working with primitive electronic machines he creates, Tristan Perich explores the foundations of sound. Last heard live at the Whitney Museum, Active Field is a jubilant intersection of the opposite but equal domains of data and sound, treating the violin and computer, each pinnacles of their respective disciplines, as primitive machines for the creation of sound.
William Brittelle's Mohair Time Warp is a full-length, lip-synched, mixed-genre, art-music concept album featuring an 8-person, mixed rock/classical ensemble. Possible descriptions include: a punk-classical collage version of the Beach Boys' Pet Sounds; a marriage of Basquiat, Prince and Debussy; and/or Captain Beefheart put through an art-pop filter with a well-dressed, wildly charismatic lip-synching frontman.
Tristan Perich and William Brittelle
Saturday, January 17, 2008, $10
7pm wine reception, 7:30pm music
Chelsea Art Museum, 556 West 22nd St (at 11th Ave), New York (map)
Violin: Sage Cole, Monica Davis, Olivia De Prato, Kiku Enomoto, Sasha Korczynski,
Matt McBane, Elena Park, Jessica Pavone, Andie Springer, Tom Swafford
Kind Regards,

Note the image in this post wasn't part of the announcement above. You might remember it from this post back in 2007. The first post I put up on 1-bit music was back in August of 2005, one of the first posts on MATRIXSYNTH.

HC KSS 1st Annual Midwest Gathering

YouTube via suitandtieguy. "Brought to you by STG Soundlabs."

Treat Yourself :)