ER-301 Demos by Sequenox

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Sequenox


1. ER-301 Looper Sample Player processing oscillator
Using Noise Engineering Loquelic Iteritas as the only sound source. CV used to trigger reset and loop start point.
2. ER-301 Manual Grains Manipulation
Experimenting with CV modulation of grain parameters!
3. ER-301 Looper Processing Loquelic Iteritas oscillator
The many tones of the Noise

Make Noise LxD Resonance Demonstration

Published on Jan 7, 2018

"This is a response to the first half of 'Advanced Patching with LxD' video from Make Noise. [posted here]

Patch Notes:

Intelijel Dixie II+ Oscillator waveform out into Maths channel #2 set to +10V.

Sum out of Maths into LxD 12db Signal Input.

Output of LxD 12db section into a Buffered Multiple.

One multiple going to Channel #3 of Maths which applies the amount of

Clouds, Rings, Octocontroller, Mother 32, Pico modules etc.

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Seen From Space

"The Sloan Great Wall is a giant wall of galaxies (a galaxy filament). Its discovery was based on data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Clouds, Rings, Mother 32, Disting Mk4, Octocontroller, various Pico modules, Erbe Verb etc."

Aleph Patch Simplified

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Todd Barton

"I've been continuing to pare down and simplify my little Aleph patch. Enjoy! And I look forward hearing what directions other's take this in."

Corporeal Complex

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Worwell

"Lyra 8/Verbos Complex Improv."

You can see the vintage retro aesthetic of Verbos Electronics on this one. Note the bottom two rows are primarily Verbos, and the top is mixed.

Nobody Makes Sense

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Miles Briand

"Waldorf NW-1 going through Dynamix and Clouds.Lots of samples and drum voices. I'll tell you if you're curious."

Caitlin's first experiment with the Maths

Published on Jan 7, 2018 The Mad Music Machine

"We had only 20 HP left in the current form of the Mad Music Machine and have used it all with a MATHS! - here Caitlin has a first experiment with it with the Roland System-1m to improve it's envelope and develop another voice from the main sequence controlled by the Mother-32."

Rare Livewire Electronics - Chaos Computer Eurorack Module

via this auction

"The Livewire Chaos computer is super rare and coveted. I bought this particular module from the co-creator (and faceplate designers) personal collection (circuit abby). It is in Excellent condition (See pictures).
These modules are sold out everywhere and will never be made again. This listing won't last."

Rainmaker: Eye of the Chaos Storm

Published on Jan 7, 2018 intellijel

"Rainmaker's Randomization Menu let you select a group of parameters to randomize, which is a great tool for finding departure points, or generating constrained chaos. Selected parameters are excluded from this randomization, allowing you to eliminate one target, but also manually control it."

Modular Synth Improvisation Live 014

Published on Jan 7, 2018 Akihiko Matsumoto

Music by Akihiko Matsumoto

(Modular System

Sequence: Ableton Live, Cycling'74 Max/MSP
Mix: Ableton Live
CV Converter: Korg SQ1, Expert Sleepers ES-3
Synth1: Oscitron
Synth2: Braids
Bass2: Black Wavetable VCO
Bass3: Warps with QUADNIC
Noise1: One
Noise2: Owl Modular
Noise3: Manis Iteritas with WMD Geiger

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