PLAITS - unboxing & first sound demo | Mutable Instruments | EURORACK - modular Synth

Published on Mar 9, 2018 Michael Kert

"Video contains unboxing of MUTABLE INSTRUMENTS PLAITS including first sounds demo. A MIDI sequence from ELEKTRON DIGITAKT was sent to MI Yarns.
Mutable Instruments Plaits is a macro oscillator module for a EURORACK modular synth. 16 synthesis sounds can be used for 8 pitched sounds and 8 noise and percussion sounds."

Michał Wolski meets Polyend Poly MIDI to CV converter Module.

Published on Mar 9, 2018 Polyend

"This time we had an opportunity to visit polish musician Michał Wolski. He is using Polyend Poly MIDI to CV converter to combine the analogue universe with a power of digital force. This combination unveils a whole new territory in his creative path. It was an honor and pleasure to visit your sonic temple, thank you for the tea Michał!"

Doepfer - A-121-2 VCF - Demo - Midiverse - TV

Published on Mar 9, 2018 Midiverse - TV

"What's up everybody? Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're going to be checking out a VCF Eurorack Module from Doepfer, the A-121-2 12dB Multimode Filter. Let's check it out..."

Mutable Instruments Plaits

Published on Mar 9, 2018 Ebotronix

Ebotronix is back! :)

entire sounds by Plaits ,7 tracks
Make Noise Rene, Optomix, QMMG
Doepfer R2m, A 134,A 143-9, A131, A 138c
Analogue Systems RS 110
Flame Q Slides
SSL Modulation Orgy
for choices
FX; TC M3000, Boss VF-1
Mackie the Mixer
vid #1755

@percussa #ssp @kickstarter update - Return of the 4-voice Demo and MIDI Controller Auto-Detection

Published on Mar 9, 2018 PERCUSSA

"The past week I decided to focus on MIDI-related features in our SSP software ... read more"

"It's time for another update :-) The past week I decided to focus on MIDI-related features in our SSP software. I wanted to add listboxes to the Global menu of the SSP so you can see MIDI input and output devices connected to

Frap Tools - Fumana - Further LPG/LPF Explorations

Published on Mar 9, 2018 DivKidVideo

"In my second video with Fumana for the #FumanaFridays series YouTube channel 'Voltlife' commented with another tip and expansion on the LPF/LPG style ideas you can apply to Fumana. Frap Tools did an amazing job of this, visually, functionally and most importantly sonically. Check out a live chat with Simone and Antonio discussing the design with me and

The Most Expensive Used Eurorack Module?

via this auction

Cwejman MMF-2 Stereo Multi Mode Filter listed for $3000. Curious if this the most a used eurorack module has been listed for. If you know of one ever listed for more. Feel free comment.

Analog Audio Compressor - 1 Minute Demo w/ Eurorack

Published on Mar 9, 2018 gstormelectro

"Audio and Video by G-Storm Electro (c) 2018

Today I am testing out an analog audio compressor circuit on the breadboard with a nice percussion groove from Basimilus Iteritas Alter. This analog compressor will eventually become my next Eurorack module. More to be announced when design is finished.

Today's signal path is dead simple:
Basimilus / Delta VCF


Published on Mar 9, 2018 KOMA Elektronik

"Wouter has been working on his 2018 setup lately, which consists out of a Field Kit, a Korg Volca with MIDI Out mod controlling a Yamaha FB-01 soundmodule and a Field Kit FX for all the effects. In this video the Yamaha FB-01 is ran through the Frequency Shifter and the Aux from the Field Kit runs through the Digital Delay and 4ch mixer on the Field Kit

Modular soundcheck - The Hades in the new Eowave case (Riamiwo StudioVlog 78)

Published on Mar 9, 2018 riamiwovideos

"Last week I got my Eowave - Modularsynth case and build it with some Dreadbox - stuff. Here's a video of the first soundcheck with the Hades DIY and some whiteline - modules."

Synths in this jamsession:
Eowave - 6U Studio Case Flat 2x 84 HP
Dreadbox Hades DIY
Dreadbox whiteline Murmux-Filter
Dreadbox whiteline Modulator
Dreadbox whiteline Echo

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