Distco - Ebi & Flow - Modular in 4K UHD

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Distortion Productions

"Full video of modular patch sequenced by Four Bricks Rook, Voltage Block and uScale. Sound sources: Cwejman BLD & VCO6, SSF Entity Percussion Synth and Intellijel Plonk. The low frequencies of the BLD are only audible on headphones or subwoofers. Filmed on the Blackmagic Ursa Mini 4.6K, available in 4K UHD."

Meet W/

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Gil Michell


W/ performances by Menq Qi, stud1nt, and Sam Wolk."

via Whimsical-Raps


W/ takes a nowness and returns it in a futurenow. Eight hours of audio sculpture to be recorded in and over and around. In fugues conversations fold, a fresh context for renewed identity.


Testing a DIY Barton Mixer/VCA BMC15

Published on Mar 14, 2018 יזהר אשדות

"I've just finished building the BMC15, a wonderful and inexpensive quad Eurorack VCA/VC Mixer.
Here's the first test, a sequence made by switching between two outputs of the 4ms SMR, Music Thing Radio Music and some noise.
Everything is triggered and animated by the Turing Machine, clocked by a Ginko TTLFO."

Tiptop Z8000 + Sequential Switch part 1

Tiptop Z8000 + Sequential Switch part 1 from Station 252 on Vimeo.

"I new about the existence of sequential switches for a long time and recently finally had a chance to try it out. I was so impressed with the results that I bought two Doepfer A-151 Quad Sequential Switches. Those little gems are an amazing addition to Tiptop Z8000 sequencer
This video is the first patch I came up with.

modular shades #18 | the stream | plaits & orthogonal devices er-301

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Elinch

"the idea of the title is a sequence of plaits edited in the orthogonal devices er-301 with 3 pitshshifter delays and 5 clocked stereo delays.

1. noisefloor /// make noise morphagene (different sounds from my garden, edited with borderlands)
2. sequence /// mutable instruments plaits / er-301 (3 pitshshifter delays and 5 clocked stereo delays)
3. Voice ///

CatalystAudio Buchla 100 first patch

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Todd Barton

"Just got a Catalyst Audio eurorack Buchla 100 system to test drive for a few days. Here is my first patch -- liking the thump & power that I remember from my old 100. Enjoy!"

015//Hell Trembles - a horrific Moog mother 32 self-generating patch

Published on Mar 14, 2018 Alastair Wilson

"A semi-self-generating modular patch using a single Mother 32 sent through an Eventide Space black hole reverb and an Eventide Timefactor on banddelay setting. Some compression has been applied to tame the resonant frequencies.

The patch is semi-random; I created a sequence, but everything else is randomly generated using the Assign output of the

Noise Engineering Clep Diaz Tutorial

Published on Mar 13, 2018 Noise Engineering

"In this demo, Patrick OBrien (Obrienmedia) walks us through the Clep Diaz and some of the great stuff you can do with it.

Clep Diaz is a handy and small step CV and LFO generator. In step and random modes, use the encoder to control the number of steps in the sequence; in LFO mode, the encoder controls the amplitude of the wave. Toggle the

Furthrrrr Generator 2/5: Exponential, Linear, and Through Zero FM (LMS EEP)

Published on Mar 13, 2018 Learning Modular

"A comparison between exponential, linear, and through zero FM, using the Furthrrrr Generator's normal analog triangle core oscillators and the optional digital Strong Zero Core oscillator.

Here is the index for the movie:

00:00 Furthrrrr Generator connections overview
00:36 changing FM modes on the FG
01:13 initial settings

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