Strange Demo Of The ‘Nice And Tubey’ Metasonix R-54

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This is a rather strange but colorful demo of the ‘nice and tubey’ Metasonix r54 Supermodule Vacuum Tube Oscillator and Filter.
Metasonix describes the R-54 as “the most radical, revolutionary module we’ve ever made. It will change the way you do music synthesis. There has never been an electronic-music product like this before. Even the oddest things that buchla and associates or serge modular ever made are prosaic and dull compared to the r-54.”
You be the judge.
via plague1715:
While my commentary may not be serious, the audio is all too serious. Blow your damn presets out your ass.

Malekko Intros Wiard Oscillator Module

Malekko has announced the Wiard Oscillator.
Sanctioned by Grant Richter of Wiard Synthesizer Company, this module is one of Grant’s unreleased designs, available here for the first time.
14hp analog oscillator with wave shaping.
The Oscillator retails for $250.
via Big City Music, Malekko

Kilpatrick Audio Eurorack Modular Synthesizer

Kilpatrick Audio has announced a new modular synthesizer line :
Kilpatrick Audio is developing a full line of modular synthesizer components in the Eurorack format. These include enclosures and power supplies, as well as a complete range of modules and controllers, starting with the K4815 Pattern Generator.
This unique module explores new ways of creating melodies, rhythms and control signals. The K4815 will be available in early June 2010.
Details on the first two modules below.
K4815 Pattern Generator
Eurorack CV and MIDI Pattern Generator
A unique and exciting first offering from Kilpatrick Audio into the modular synthesizer world. The K4815 explores rhythmic and melodic creation in a whole new way.
K1600 MIDI Converter
Eurorack MIDI Converter
Unlock the power of your modular with the K1600 MIDI Converter from Kilpatrick Audio. Expands other Kilpatrick Audio MIDI-compatible modules, and offers CV, gate, trigger and clock outputs. (10 in total) A unique, compact and flexible module that will be at home in any system.

Spock Coming Soon To Eurorack Modular Synthesizers

Intellijel has announced 5 new modular synth modules, which are expected to be shipping this month:

  • SPOCK: CMOS Boolean Logic device 4HP
  • FLIP FLOP: CMOS JK and D flip-flop 4HP
  • BUFF MULT: Buffered Multiple 2HP
  • MULT: Passive Multiple 2HP
  • QUAD INVERT: Quad CV Inverter / Quad Audio Buffer 2HP
  • UNITY MIXER: dual 3:1 / 6:1 unity gain mixer (CV /Audio) 2HP

The Spock module has to be one of the best-named modular synth modules ever – let’s hope the name doesn’t cause any trouble.

Is This The Future Of Modular Synthesis?

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This video, via Daniel Troberg, captures a modular synthesizer jam with Sequencomat V3 – an 8 track 16 step MIDI sequencer in Max/MSP, with a touch control surface for the Jazzmutant Lemur.
Sequencomat is based on the idea of traditional hardware step sequencers, but with an touchscreen control surface.
Below, Troberg tests out Sequencomat v3, running its own clock and sequencing a Nord Modular G1 on the first 4 channels and the G2 on the 4 following.
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Touch screen interfaces like the Lemur offer an interesting tactile control option for modular synthesis. This technology should be with reach of a lot of musicians as many musicians as apps and inexpensive interfaces are developed for platforms like the Apple iPad.
By combining tactile computer-based sequencers like Sequencomat with the hands-on immediacy of modular synthesizers, it seems like one should be able to get the best of both worlds.
What do you think? Is this the future of modular synthesis?

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Analogue Solutions Intros Tereshkova Analog Synthesizer

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Analog Solutions has introduced the Tereshkova suitcase-style analog synthesizer.
Features of the Tereshkova include:

  • Suitcase style design.
  • Pure analogue voice circuitry.
  • Rugged Steel construction. Quality chrome catches and cool steel spring handle.
  • Stuffed full of electronics. No front panel space is wasted.
  • Joystick, MIDI, jack socket patch points and more.

Differences between Vostok and Tereshkova:

  • They are identical in every respect, except with the Tereshkova, instead of the Matrix panel and VU meter you get extra;
    • LFO
    • 2 VCAs
    • 2 Multiples
  • Other than that identical. They will produce the same sort of sounds.

The Analog Solutions Tereshkova is available for £1549.
Tereshkova Joystick:
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Tereshkova Long Evolving Demo:
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Tereshkova Analog Synthesizer Patching:
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Tereshkova modular synth and Oberkorn sequencer. First ever demo.
Tereshkova is identical to Vostok, except that instead of a matrix panel and VU meter you get 2 extra multiples, 2 extra VCAs and an extra LFO. Otherwise they are the same.
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Eurorack And Frac-rack Modular Synthesizer

Image: mabel.sound
Saturday Synth Porn: A closeup of some Eurorack synthesizer modules and Frac-rack synth modules in a modular synthesizer.
via the Synthtopia Flickr Group

Metasonix r54 Supermodule Vacuum Tube Oscillator and Filter

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This is a short demo of the Metasonix r54 Supermodule Vacuum Tube Oscillator and Filter
via bigcitymusic:
This is a very simple patch just to give you and idea of the tones. The Analogue Solutions Oberkorn III is sequencing our pitch and gate control voltages. The Malekko/Wiard Envelator is our envelope generator and it’s controlling the Metasonix r51 VCA.
The Metasonix R54 Supermodule is available now for $325.
Details on the Metasonix R54 Supermodule Vaccum Tube Oscillator and Filter below.
Official Metasonix R54 Supermodule Vaccum Tube Oscillator and Filter Description:
Welcome to the strange new world. The R-54 is the most radical, revolutionary module we’ve ever made. It will change the way you do music synthesis. There has never been an electronic-music product like this before. Even the oddest things that Buchla And Associates or Serge Modular ever made are prosaic and dull compared to the R-54.
It uses a triode-pentode in a unique Wien-bridge circuit, to provide clean sine-wave oscillation. Using a Vactrol, the pitch of the R-54 is sweepable from less than 20 Hz to more than 5 kHz, continuously, via front-panel control or a CV input. By adjusting the waveshape/resonance control, the sinewave signal produced by the R-54 can be trimmed to less than 10% THD (depending on operating pitch)—with NONE of the problems inherent in solid-state oscillators and sine waveshapers. Because the Wien bridge contains no piecewise sine shaper or amplitude-control circuit or component. The tube itself performs that job. So the distortion products are entirely low-order, unlike the “sine waves” that solid-state VCOs or samplers produce.
Turn up the overdrive control, and the oscillator output clips the output amplifier pentode tube, for a unique soft-clipped square-wave sound. The simplicity of the R-54 will fool you–its behavior is odd and radical, and it will take you months or years to fully explore all of its quirks.
Now for the special trick. Plug an audio signal into the audio input. Instantly, the R-54 transforms from a VCO into a bandpass resonant voltage-controlled filter, with the same range as in VCO operation — 20 Hz to 5 kHz. Its behavior and sound are unique. Again, you will be kept busy for years exploring all of its strangeness.
CV response: Hz/v. Use a suitable MIDI/CV interface, or use our R-60 interface to obtain perfect equal-tempered tuning every time. Maximum output signal, 12 v p-p Power requirement: +-12v dc, 250 mA. (All specifications are approximate and may vary from sample to sample.) Tubes used: 19KG8, 6AK5.
The Metasonix R-series of vacuum-tube modules is intended for use in any “Eurorack” standard modular synthesizer system. All R-series modules are 22HP (112mm) wide and fit in any Doepfer(tm), Analogue Systems(tm), or other compatible cabinet. They are powered entirely from the cabinet’s internal +-12v dc power supplies, using Doepfer compatible 16-pin power connectors. Their circuits protrude behind the panel less than 25mm (1 inch). All vacuum tubes are NOS (new old stock) types from classic American and European manufacturers that are run very conservatively for long life, and are readily available from distributors. The tubes protrude from the panel for visibility and cooling, less than 38mm (1.5 inches), and should fit inside a Doepfer A-100 suitcase cabinet lid or into a Doepfer mini case. All audio inputs and outputs and CV inputs/outputs are 100% compatible with other synthesizer modules. Plate voltage is provided by a tiny switching supply producing clean 48v regulated at low current, which is very safe and will not injure the user. Potentiometers are top-quality Alpha RK12L types, and 3.5mm phone jacks are special Kobiconn vertical-mount types, much better quality than the cheap ones usually seen in Euro modules. Each R-module is fully protected against reverse supply voltage, overvoltage, undervoltage, or incorrect hookup to external equipment. As with all our products, the R series is totally handcrafted in Northern California, USA.

Synthesis Technology E350 Morphing Terrarium Demo

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This video captures some experimens with the Synthesis Technology E350 (”Morphing Terrarium”) Eurorack module and its waveforms.
The Synthesis Technology E350 is a unique morphing wavetable VCO with voltage-controlled morphing and independent outputs.
Patch details:

  • Two Doepfer A-179s (Light-to-CV) were used as controller modules.
  • Left hand controlled Borg filter cutoff, right hand speed of the LFO driving the sequence.
  • This first part shows the xy- and z-outputs in normal mode. Part 2 will focus on the ‘hidden’ variable-phase-shift mode.

via katavist

New Gristleizer Eurorack Synth Module

Asheville-based Smashing Guitars has announced several Eurorack synthesizer modules in its Endangered Audio Research line.
The Gristleizer synth module is expected to ship March 8th 2010. It is available for pre-order now, for $299.95.
The Gristleizer Eurorack Module
For the first time ever, Throbbing Gristle’s legendary effects unit, The Gristleizer, is now available in eurorack synth module form (28HP wide).
Though the original design by Roy Gwinn is over 30 years old, The Gristleizer had never seen commercial production until the summer of 2009, when Endangered Audio updated and improved the circuit. The audio path is modulated by an LFO using four selectable waveforms (ramp, reverse ramp, triangle, & square), functioning in one of two paths: VCA (voltage controlled amplifier) or VCF (voltage controlled filter).
Ranging from light and sweet tremolo to extreme, raunchy ring mod, The Gristleizer is a 100% analog, hand-assembled unit built to last. These can connect to either analog systems power bus or Doepfer (with adapter available from us), for easy addition to your eurorack system.
Other planned Endangered Audio Research Eurorack synthesizer modules include:

  • 1601 Sequencer Eurorack Module – a version of the ARP 1601 sequencer in modular form.
  • Analog Delay Eurorack Module
  • Nebula Ringmod Eurorack Module
  • The Gristleizer VCO Eurorack Module

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