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Analogue Zone: Simple Jamming with WMD TRSHMSTR, Vintage Synth Lab VCF-74 MK2 & 909 Techno

Published on Nov 30, 2017 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"Simple Jamming is a weekly series from the Analogue Zone Budapest showroom with our experienced modular electronic music performer & friend, Ramin Sayyah. The series was created in order to introduce either one particular module or a very special selection of module-combinations to make various kinds of music with them.


Erica Synths Garage Special with Jean-Michel Jarre

Published on Nov 28, 2017 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths team visits Jean-Michel Jarre in his studio in Paris to talk about inspiration, creativity, synths and future of the electronic music and to play a live modular jam. Thank you, Jean-Michel for great insights!

Interview: Girts Ozolins
Live jam: Jean-Michel Jarre & Kodek
Camera: Inese Verina"

Why Logic Modules are Ace: Feat. EricaSynths Pico Logic

Published on Nov 28, 2017 mylarmelodies

"Being a demo of the compact 3HP Erica Synths Pico Logic (also a clock divider) and A Logic modules, creating new rhythms and audio-rate tones from existing signals."

Ceremony II - A Eurorack Performance featuring the E352 Cloud Terrarium

Published on Nov 24, 2017 Genshi Media Group

"Ceremony II - A Eurorack Performance featuring the Synthesis Technology E352 CLOUD TERRARIUM and other modules.

- Patch notes are as follows, in order of appearance:

• CLOUD TERRARIUM is Wavefolding its Morphing Wavetables, then sequenced via the Make Noise RENE.

• Intellijel METROPOLIS sequencing Mutable Instruments BRAIDS which is going into

Erica Synths Pico Mask 4K Overview

In case you missed it, the video has been re-uploaded and posted here.

New Erica Synths ACIDBOX 3

Published on Nov 22, 2017 Erica Synths

"Erica Synths Acidbox III brings you the core of the famous Polivoks VCF in stereo version with unique audio signal overdrive circuit, built in LFO and envelope follower in a compact, full aluminium case.
Master of Ceremony: KODEK (
Master of Guitar: Ralfs from Gloria
Mixmaster: DJ

New Erica Synths Pico Mask

Erica Synths Pico Mask Overview Published on Nov 22, 2017 Distortion Productions

"The Erica Synths Pico Mask is an advanced random CV module that samples and holds CV within a user-defined mask – the area between two incoming CV signals; this means that you have certain control over randomness. The Pico Mask can play a key role in self-generating music, random patches, work as CV processor,

Erica Synths Limited Edition Acid Simona VCF

via Erica Synths

"Acid Simona VCF is limited edition of Erica Synths Black Polivoks VCF celebrating collaboration between Erica Synths and techno opera Spazio Bar.

All money raised from the sales of Acid Simona VCF modules will be donated to Spazio Bar production team.

The project Spazio Bar brings together composer of academic contemporary music Platon Buravicky and author of the

Rheyne - Sequenced Jam #61

Published on Nov 15, 2017 Rheyne

"Recorded on top of a coffee table. Bass is from a Moog DFAM, the kick is from a Noise Engineering LIP, the pad is from a Make Noise Morphagene through an Erica Synths Black Hole DSP, and the slow arpeggios are from both VCOs of a DPO. Reverb on the overall mix is from a Strymon BigSky."

Erica Synths DIY Bundle II Part 4 : System Overview and Patching Strategies

Published on Nov 11, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Part 4 of the special series on the Erica Synths Polivoks inspired DIY Bundle II. Having finished the build, we now look over the whole system and explore some of the implied patching strategies."

All parts here.

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