eric archer

eric archer

Jeff Hunt DIY Synth Project - The Portal

Published on Oct 2, 2016 Jeff Hunt

"My DIY groovebox. I am a beginner. Just got started this year after watching videos by Casper Electronics. Highly recommended! I followed up by researching 9v/12v single supply circuits, and after much trial and error I came up with this final product. Many thanks to the folks on the Synth DIY forums on Facebook and elsewhere for tons of advice. Also many

Grendel Drone Commander - Classic Pedal (official)

Published on Aug 18, 2017 EA78751

The Grendel Drone Commander in classic guitar pedal format.

"Coming soon from Rare Waves LLC USA ... the original circuit, the classic sound, plus gate control, and external audio In! Grendel Drone Commander Classic Pedal."

Eric Archer aka Rare Waves - Electro Jam Session w/ Rare Prototype Synths

Published on May 5, 2017 EA78751

"This electro track demonstrates a special selection of one-of-a-kind analog synths from my R&D lab. It features the LMS-17 Light Matrix Synthesizer, which is an update on a rare item called dR0NEMATr1X that I offered 8 years ago. The LMS-17 is a two-oscillator CV/Gate synth with a unique 2D array of tone-emitting LEDs, which you blend together with a light

Reverberant Drone Relaxation Music, 31 Minutes

Published on Nov 1, 2016 EA78751

"Listen to the calming distant sound of meditative drone music in the key of D, while studying, working, or just relaxing. Sound comes from the Grendel DC-2e synthesizer with pure analog reverberation from a spring reverb tank. Learn more about Grendel Drone Commander synthesizers at"

Triple Grendel synth jam

Published on Sep 21, 2016 EA78751

"Demoing some sounds you can get from the Grendel DC-2e Eurorack voice modules along with the Grendel RA-9 Grenadier, plus a mystery synth on the left. Grendel synthesizers are available from I/O Music Technology, Detroit Modular, Switched On, NoiseBug, Perfect Circuit Audio, Analogue Haven, Noise Kitchen, SchneidersLaden. Rare Waves LLC 2016,"

Eric Archer Analog Computer Bouncing Ball 2

Published on Sep 5, 2016 EA78751

"Eric Archer of Rare Waves LLC demonstrates an analog computer model of a particle bouncing on a vibrating table. The collision events and velocity data are used to synthesize audio by triggering a voltage controlled percussion module. The side-scrolling oscilloscope display shows the particle position (top trace) and the table position (bottom trace). Many

Eric Archer electro percussion lab 5

Published on Jul 22, 2016 EA78751

"Been 5 years since I added a new Electro Percussion Lab video. So, here it is. Check out the bass and snare drum circuits I’ve been developing lately. We’ll run them through some tone variations in this video."

Drone Commander & Korg MS20 Mini

Published on Sep 30, 2015 La Isla

"Just messing around with this litlle cool machines.

Hope you liked it."

Grendel DC-2E Drone Commander 2 + Expander

Published on Nov 13, 2015 EA78751

"Dusty woofers? Not any more! Cleaning those hard-to-reach areas with the Grendel DC-2E Drone Commander 2 + Expander module. No CV/Gate input this time, just a self-patch to conjure some dark and earthy subterranean tones. This is the final version, not much left to do before they are ready.. available soon from online stores."

Drone Commander 2 LFO

Published on Oct 25, 2015 EA78751

"Here is a side-scrolling scope view of some interesting LFO waveforms, and a soundtrack of rhythmically modulated analog drone sounds. It was generated with a prototype version of the upcoming Grendel Drone Commander 2 Eurorack synthesizer module.

Tektronix TDS350 oscilloscope"

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