Improv #2 for VCS3 (3 patches), Arp 2600, Mellotron and Vietnamese gong

Published on Jun 14, 2017 R. Reger

"One-take, free improvisation for three different VCS3 patches, ARP 2600, Mellotron and Vietnamese gong. High quality audio available here: https://rregerakaashenactuariesofasga..."

Improv #2 for VCS3, Arp2600, Mellotron and Vietnamese gong by R. Reger

You can find Improv #1 (for Rhodes, Arp and Moog) posted here.

modular shades #09 ems vcs3 & borderlands

Published on Jun 6, 2017 Elinch

"ems vcs 3 mk2 & borderlands #01

peace of music with my restored ems vcs 3 mk 2. all sounds come from the vcs 3 and were sampled and sequenced with borderlands. only the piano chords come from cubasis with chorus and zero reverb. the live sequenced solo sound of the vcs also has a reverb from zero reverb.
recorded live with audioshare.

for the best listening

First person synth jams! EP2: Electro-reggae with an EMS 2000 vocoder

Published on May 30, 2017 synthead

"Music starts at 6:57!
Download the song here! https://clyp.it/xucpekjt"

Using a Roland Juno-106 & BOSS Dr. Rhythm DR-55. Man that sounds good.

You can see a pic of this particular EMS 2000 here.


One for parts via this auction

"ALL OF THE MODULES ARE MISSING !! no cards, no oscillators, no filters...please see the photos to assess what is missing and what is not.

No one knows where the original parts went...they are lost forever.


Inside an EMS 2000 Vocoder

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

via Reddit:

"Hey all! This is an EMS 2000 vocoder I just got in the mail! I was too curious to not take its top off (heh heh heh), so I did and was delighted to see all the 16 bands of this lovely vocoder separated out in plain view. I then realized that there were basically no pictures of the insides of these things online, so here you go!

EMS Synthi AKS

via this auction

"In great working condition

comes with guitar presto patch!

All functions work even the sequencer and keyboard! I am leaving the pins in for the keyboard to function, so you can check it out right when you receive it, as the leaning curve can be steep with patching.

It is mounted in a NOS Spartanite case with keys, the keyboard was not mounted to the top case when i got it


via this auction

"This model comes with factory sequencer... This rare and vintage synth has been kept in a smoke free studio and was recently serviced and all functions work perfectly."

Synthimprovisation - AKS Synthi A by Ned Bouhalassa

Published on May 17, 2017 NedOnAnalog

"A live improvisation on one of my favourite synthesizers, the mythical AKS Synthi A. The patch:
Osc 1 FM Osc 1 and Osc 2; Filter Freq FM Osc 1 and Osc 2; Osc 3 FM Osc 3, Decay and Filter Freq=; Osc 1 and 2 into Env; Env to Out 1.
The delay is from the Matrixbrute mono analog delay."

Pin Park - Krautpark

Published on May 14, 2017

"This particular track is made using 2 X Synthi AKS and VCS3 with TKS. They are all played live and multitrack recorded without later overdubs."

KUP CD: http://bit.ly/2qk3our
BUY CD: http://bit.ly/2pCzW3G

"'Krautpark' is the first single off a debut album from Pin Park. Pin Park are a duo consisting of Maciek Bączyk (Kristen, Robotobibok) and Maciek Polak. Together

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