EML ElectroComp 200

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"This EML-200 is fully functional, extensively serviced, and in good condition, though it does not include the lid. Recent service includes recapped power supply and all new 1/4" jacks. A matching EML 300 will be available for an additional cost.

The EML 200 is a monophonic modular synthesizer released in 1969 by the connecticut based company Electronic Music Laboratories.


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"This EML-400 has been meticulously overhauled and is in perfect working order, unlike most. This was a very time consuming and costly process which is of course reflected in the high price. sn42x"

EML ElectroComp 101 Keyboard Synthesizer

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"Amazing multifaceted synthesizer. Rare with some estimates being only 1200 ever produced hand wired Electrocomp semi modular analog synth in working order. Sounds great as is but could probably use a service to make it tip top."

This one is in LA.

Electrocomp EML-500 - Vintage Analog Synthesizer

Published on Sep 4, 2017 Chris Hull

"Quick Demo of my Electro-Comp EML-500 for Ebay - a rare analog synth."

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"Fresh from a full service, and w/ new bushings installed as well. She has been tuned, scaled, and meticulously gone over by one of the best synth techs in the country (Analog Synth Service) and is now ready to perform for years to come.

These are very rare synths,

ElectroComp EML-101 Demo with 1V/Octave Conversion Mod

Bell Tone Synth Works
Published on Aug 16, 2017

"The ElectroComp EML-101 is a fantastic duophonic semi-modular synthesizer from 1974. Bell Tone Synth Works repaired this 101 and also added a custom circuit to allow the synth, which is scaled to 1.4 V/octave with a DC offset, to accept control voltage of the standard 1V/octave scale, allowing it to be played with an external sequencer or other

EML ElectroComp 200 Demo

Published on Jul 28, 2017 Vintage Synthesizer Museum

"EML ElectroComp 200 demo using no other synths, effects, or external control, just the EML 200."

Pain by Sound of Science (feat. John von Ahlen)

Published on Jul 26, 2017 rezfilter

New track from Analogue Solutions Tom Carpenter, and Jason Huffman.

"Pain & Remixes EP available on iTunes now!

Pain EP Remixes by Sound of Science (feat. John von Ahlen)

Synths featured:
Pro One, Korg 770, Waldorf XT, Wasp, Waldorf Wave, AS Modules, AS Telemark, RSF Kobol, EML400


Pain (original)
Pain (Mind Your Faith Remix) by Chad Glenn
Pain (

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