Killing a Machinedrum-loop with Metaphysical Function

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Metaphysical Function was the most stunning app in Native Instruments legendary "Electronic Instruments2XT" bundle. This bundle also contains the ultra cool drum sampler named "Krypt" and "Limelight" as well.

Unfortunately this bundle is out of sale and discontinued. You can check out the specs here:

I don't know if these tools are working on OS X Leo or Vista. So I'm sticking with my good ol' G5 Powermac to keep them running on Tiger."

computer controlled

YouTube via 25dialectic. This one gets a post for the small amount of gear, all live. Also, you might remember Computer Controlled from this post. Also these posts.
Machinedrum UWmkI
TC ELectronic Nova Delay Pedal

Analogue Systems rs290 Crushes Your Bits Too

YouTube via bigcitymusic
"Man. There's not much this module doesn't do. Besides an incredible sounding high-quality stereo digital delay with built LFO and a hard to beat voltage controlled sampler mode, the rs290 can crush your sounds too. This great little trick doesn't even require the unit to be engaged. Just select sample size, reduce, and abuse.

Our sound source is the Elektron SFX-60 Mk II MonoMachine."

MnM Live Melodic Filter

YouTube via vcovcfvca
"Nice and simple technique of melodically filter tweaking. 3 Tracks on an Elektron Monomachine MKII. Pad-like thing, drums and lead triangle wave that is then filter-tweaked to give the melody a little interest. Delay added to the lead line along with some simple EQ filter LFO to give it a little life. Fade done live at the end.

I *do* make one knob turn a tad too far for my taste at about the 1 minute mark - it can take some practice :-) Overall I was aiming for WDTH of 29 then 36 before opening it back up to 127. The idea here is to tweak the filter in way other than your standard filter sweep. Obviously you could param-lock these as well but I prefer the "live" aspect you get when you don't quite make the move the same way each time."

Matrix Green MachineDrum (Shagghie ft. Bacon the Flying Pig)

YouTube via shagghie
"Sneak Peak Preview of a track called Detroid that Bacon and I are working on. Green MachineDrum transformation was no easy feat, but with help from Pavel (http://pavel.kirkovsky.com), and after many months of dealing with obtuse factories in China...the green display was provisioned, and matching LEDs installed, along with black faceplate with the "Shagghie" logo (artwork by VictorJohn of Tekfunk Recordings). It turned out so perfect that we are building another one just like it as we speak for my live PA's. Thanks for all of Katy Rokit's support as well, can't do squat without her these days... :)
Thanks to Jon of Elektron too, for another great NAMM and for the constant hope of 'something new' just in time for 2010 from the Elektron Elves...I'm sure Dan is going to smile from above!
Lastly, a huge thanks to Matrix of MatrixSynth (matrixsynth.blogspot.com) for all his years of ongoing support to the synth community. This one's for you...from Bacon and I." Thanks Shagghie and Bacon! :)

My Proposal to Katy Rokit during MachineDrum Live PA

YouTube via shagghie. Description here.
Elektron Machinedrum, Monomachine and Roland TB-303

salzmanufaktur feat. psychotronic - scheisskreis

YouTube via salzmanufaktur
"Playing around with the Elektron Machinedrum, Sony Vegas 8 and an old VHS recorder.
Happy 2009!"

lp kp md live looping

YouTube via vcovcfvca
"Machinedrum MD UW MKII as master clock to a Korg Kaoss Pad KP3. Also starring a Moog Little Phatty Stage II and Nord Electro 2.

Basically I start with a simple MD beat. I then lay down a few loops from the Electro into the KP3. The mixing board (Mackie 802-VLZ3) has Alt3/4 going to the KP3 so when the switch is engaged there is no noticeable volume change but the KP3 can sample/effect whatever particular channels are Alt3/4.

I then sample (with a mistake due to forgetting to Alt3/4 the board!) the LP into the KP3. By 3 minutes in I get all the tracks in place :-)

Finish it off with a little KP3 and MD tweaking and we're done. The nice thing about this setup also (not shown here) is that by simply enabling Alt3/4 on the MD channel I can use the KP3 effects on it as well.

A very powerful little live looping setup that I've been having fun with lately."

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