Late night ambient techno excursion

YouTube via darenager
"Playing with some new bugbrand modules, no midi just the bug modular and a sustained pad from the monomachine."

playin' wit monomachine / machinedrum

playin' wit monomachine / machinedrum from kero on Vimeo.

"just having a little jamout session with the monomachine and the machinedrum. was hard to go back and forth between the md and mono while holding the camera."

monomachine+machinedrum+virus snow from kero on Vimeo.

"Here is a little jam i did on the machinedrum, monomachine and virus TI snow. hope u like! :)"

Across Yonder from kero on Vimeo.

"monomachine, virus snow, machinedrum, waldorf blofeld jam session..."

deep space events

deep space events from kero on Vimeo.

"messing around with the deep space events kyma patch and some other goodies!!!!!!!"

Elektron Machinedrum + Virus TI + Mopho Live improvisado

YouTube via Hazmeison
"Perc Machinedrum
Synth Virus TI
Bass Mopho"

Elektron Monomachine Minilive improvisacion Dj Diabo

Virus Ti & Monomachine mini-Live by Dj Diabo


YouTube via colovic77



Numerology with Machinedrum and Launchpad

YouTube via verstaerker
"sequencing the Machinedrum with Numerologys Drumsequencer controlled by the Launchpad"

Weevil Techno - Bugmodular, Machinedrum, Highly Liquid MPA

YouTube via darenager http://highlyliquid.com/kits/mpa/
"Quick jam testing out some new modules and the highly liquid MPA.

The MD is sending pulses and CV's to the modular via the MPA, modules used:-

Bugbrand Syn1, CTL1, PRC3, DD3, ENV1, PRC2
Blacet VCA, EG"

Serge Animal Videos by Nilspils73

YouTube via Nilspils73
"Testing my Serge Animal/Animoo with DIY banana-1/4" interface. Elektron Machinedrum doing sequencing tasks through Kenton Pro-2000."

Serge Animoo (Animal) stab
Serge Animoo (Animal) Krafty
Serge Animoo (Animal) bassline
Serge Animoo (Animal) syncop
Serge Animoo (Animal) tribal.mp4
Serge Animoo 3 part multitimbral

Elektron Monomachine patterns 1/3

YouTube via Nilspils73
"Playing a few of my patterns for a friend. Sorry for the crappy sound..."

Elektron Monomachine patterns 2/3

Elektron Monomachine patterns 3/3

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