Fun Times with the Octatrack and Analog Four

Published on Dec 28, 2017 Synth & Sundry

"Instruments used: Elektron Octatrack and Analog Four
Technics Digital Piano
Enjoy! Happy Holidays and New Year!"

Analog Rytm MKII Sampling Polyrhythmic (polymeter) Q-Performance Stuff

Published on Dec 28, 2017 cuckoomusic

Here's a (far too long) video of sampling with the new Analog Rytm MKII. Also some what I was thinking polyrhyhtmic sequencing, but as commenter Mattias (who is also an analog engineer at Elektron) pointed out is polymeter rhythms, and an attempt at explaining how to set up the performances.
(Sorry for the length… Focusing and staying efficient

Glo Phase - Analog Rytm & Microbrute Live Set

Published on Dec 27, 2017 Glo Phase

"A short live set featuring the Elektron Analog Rytm, Arturia Microbrute, MXR Carbon Copy Analog Delay, Digitech Polara Reverb, and Zed6FX mixer. Recorded stereo through Focusrite preamps. No external effects aside from some light eq, compression, and limiting through Ozone 6.

Free DL: https://soundcloud.com/glophase/minirytm

System8 and Modular

Published on Dec 26, 2017 therudyrude

"I'm trippin with this set-up"

Elektron Trinity Christmas Jam

Streamed live 6 hours ago Houston Guy

"Christmas Jam using Elektron's Octatrack, Analog RYTM and Analog Four. Also Featuring custom app for visuals and Octatrol control."

Kick.S / X1246(トロニカ)

Published on Dec 25, 2017 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Nord wave
Small Clone
Small Stone
memory boy
xOxbOx 2VCO
Operation Overlord
Digitakt (custom painted)

Digilogue - Elektron Digitakt / KORG Monologue Jam

Published on Dec 23, 2017 lostsystems1

"All the sounds are either sampled or triggered from the Monologue. 1 edit due to the zoom running out of batteries, right after the intro :)"

The Art of MIDI Hacking: Extend your gear (converting Analog Four to a "Paraphonic A8")

Published on Dec 22, 2017 loopop

"As you may have seen previously on my channel, I've used 'MIDI hacking' - real time MIDI manipulation - to extend the functionality of quite a few musical instruments. Playing melodies with samples on the Novation Circuit, turning the Korg Electribe 2 into a 3 oscillator synth, adding CC to CV functionality to the Arturia BeatStep Pro - all of those things

Analog Four and Octatrack together for the Holidays

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Synth & Sundry

"Live jam with the Elektron dynamic duo: Analog Four and Octatrack. We had fun jamming around a couple of basic ideas and Analog Four presets. The Technics digital piano is great as a MIDI controller for the Analog Four. The Octatrack is mainly on drum duties although it is used as an impromptu looper with its freeze delay here and there. Happy Holidays!

Lockbox - Elektron Digitakt jam

Published on Dec 21, 2017 Play Nice

"A quick Digitakt jam"

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