Electronic Instruments

Electronic Instruments

New Misa Kitara Touchscreen Guitar MIDI Controller Demo

NEW Misa Kitara - Sustainer & ZynAddSubFx VST (shipping this month!) was uploaded by: misadigitalDuration: 43Rating:

The Continuum Meets SampleWiz Via MIDI (Or How To Use A $5000 Controller To Play A $10 App)

Synthesist Richard Lainhart, who’s also Jordan Rudess‘s ‘technical guru’, demonstrates how a controller like the Haken Continuum can be used to control the upcoming version of SampleWiz. Using the Continuum allows for polyphonic control of Samplewiz along three axes (left to right, forward and back, and pressure). The video demonstrates the value of building on [...]

Prince’s Patented PurpleAxxe Keytar

US Patent # D349127, registered to Prince R. Nelson, is for one portable electronic keyboard musical instrument, known as the Purpleaxxe. No chance of anybody copying this design – it’s patented! You can read the patent here.

Facial Control For Music Revisited

Remember FaceOSC – the app that lets you use the facial ‘gestures’ to control music apps? Peter Kirn shared another example of facial synth control yesterday, embedded above, which captures some experiments by FreeKa Tet. If that doesn’t make you want to give up trying to look cool with a keytar and take up facial synth [...]

Numerology 3.1 Now Available – Here’s What’s New

Five12 has released an update to Numerology, the modular sequencing and audio plugin environment for Mac OS X. Employing discrete sequencing techniques, powerful signal processing, Audio Unit (AU) hosting, advanced signal routing, and unmatched modulation capabilities, Numerology is designed to combine pure brute “in-studio” strength with agile “live performance” response and finesse for musicians, composers, [...]

Daphne Oram & The Oramics Machine

This series of photos capture Daphne Oram’s pioneering Oramics Machine and related gear. The Oramics Machine was a pioneering electronic music instrument, developed by Oram from 1957 onwards. It’s on display as part of an exhibit at London’s Science Museum, Oramics To Electronica. Steve Marshall has an interesting history of the Oramics Machine at SOS. via [...]

Mark Mothersbaugh And The Electronium

Saturday Synth Porn: Devo’s Mark Mothersbaugh at Raymond Scott’s Electronium. The photo captures Mothersbaugh at the Electronium, in Raymond Scott’s guesthouse in Van Nuys, CA, in 1993. There are multiple layers of music history captured in the photo. The large electronic instrument is Raymond Scott’s Electronium – an early sequencer + synthesizer combination, designed by [...]

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