Dave Smith Instruments OB-6 Unboxing Pics

Just a few unboxing pics of my brand new DSI OB-6! :) I decided to sell my OB-Xa after getting it restored. I needed the space, and I figured it was time for it to go to someone who would enjoy it fresh and new. That, and I wanted the extra features of the OB-6 with the reliability of a new synth. I am curious how the SEM based design will sound compared to my OB-Xa. The OB-1 and OB-X were

Prophet Rev 2 Videos by Uriel Ortega

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Uriel Ortega

Prophet Rev 2+ Strymon Shimmer Pads
Prophet Rev 2 Live Patches Part 2
Rev 2 "In The River Jesus Culture Patches"
Prophet Rev 2 + Strymon Trinity

Dave Smith Instruments Evolver: Presets + Overview

Published on Oct 7, 2017 Benn and Gear

"Let's play around with one of my favorite synthesizers. Its unique design, sequencers, and patch capability make it a true gem, even 15 years after its conception."

Synth Riffs// OB-6 vs. Prophet-6

Published on Feb 9, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Just riffin on the P6, with JC on That OB-bass. TR8 does drums with some back-up sounds from Juno-106 and the Korg VolcaFM. Coming to you live from Squarp Pyramid sequencer!"

Neneh Cherry- Buffalo Stance- Luke Neptune remix LIVE

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Luke Neptune

"Taken from rehearsals 2018"

DSI Prophet-6, Novation Mono Circuit, Roland TR-8, Akai MPC Live.

Slow tempo x minimal techno (Juno60)

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Simon Chauvin

Juno 60 / RE-501 / sub37 / Ob6 / Analog Rytm

[Week6] Monument

Published on Feb 9, 2018 Optimistic

DSI Prophet '08 & MFB Dominion 1

SIX ON THE BEACH// OB-6 Prophet-6 Juno-106

Published on Feb 7, 2018

"The white noise is actually soothing beach sounds I swear!"

Fun little Caribbean sounding ditty.

A Darker Evolver Soundset Demo

Published on Feb 7, 2018 Barb

"This video is a demo of a soundset programmed by Pierre Emperaire for the DSI Evolver. It provides 100 dark and ambiant programs...

This soundset is available here :


Thanks !

Credits :
Soundtrack & sound design by Pierre Emperaire
Background video by Ondrej Bezucha
Video clips from Pexels.com & Giphy.com
Video editing

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