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DSI Evolver
Clavia Nord Lead 3
Acidlab Bassline
Roland TR-707

Shadow - Carbon111

Carbon111 has a new album out titled "Shadow." You can find more info including a few tracks and the synths used for each on Carbon111's blog. Really beautiful music.

Synths include the Clavia Nord Wave, Nord Modular, and Stage, the Roland Juno-60, SCI Six-Track, the Korg Oasys, DSI Prophet'08 and Native Instruments' Massive and Absynth 4.

An interesting side note is that is was mastered by George Mattson of http://mattsonminimodular.com/.
Note the credits.

Carbon11 also hosts http://carbon111.com/, an excellent synth resource including some of the most extensive pages on the Serge modular as well as the Waldorf XT. Do check out the site for more.

Broken Sails by Khoral

"It was essentially done with the Prophet 08 as main instrument... if you listen to tracks 1 or 4, for instance, that's pretty much the fantastic synth from Dave Smith Instruments all the way through...
Save for that... well, whenever you hear bass, that's the Moog Little Phatty...
The strings on "The Fortune Song" are Gforce Virtual String Machine and there's some Roland Alpha Juno-1 as well on the instrumental parts for this track.
The opening chords on "Empty the Boat" are Korg Wavestation."

You can find more info including the full album download link on khoral's Cafe 80.

Dave Smith Mopho

YouTube via KotroLaszloLehel
"Dave Smith Mopho My Favorite Sounds
Free Mopho Editor http://lady.rdsor.ro/~kotro..."

DEvo Sequence

YouTube via Rothgar777. "A DEvo (Desktop Evolver) Sequence."

FoogerDevo 2

YouTube via Rothgar777
"An Evolver sequence modulating the filter run thru the Fooger chain. The Evolver is really doing some strange stuff again, I think mine is possessed by demons. Where do you find a synth exorcist ?"

DIYtar 2

YouTube via larsby verson 1 here
"Version 2 of my DIYtar, wanted a better and nicer looking body!"

Sunday Night in the Cockpit

YouTube via kipptumor
"I thought I would show you how we have been making patterns and grooves lately for eventual use in our live laptop digital DJ rig. I have been experimenting with MIDI chaining the gadgets up different ways, and in this instance I am using my Electribe RMKII as the master clock device. Using a drum machine as a master tends to send some rather"dirty" sounding patterns to the other devices, but strange things can occur also doing this.
The Future Retro Revolution has a controlled voltage output for pitch and gate functions so I like to send those to my synthesizers.com Studio44 modular cabinet's oscillators. The Alesis Micron will play whatever patterns it has stored independently of the Electribe's "note" information, but it sill is in sync with the MIDI clock signal. Same with the MoPhatt. I record each part separately into the PC,line them up to the time grid, and then load them individually into the laptop and Ableton. That way we can re-mix these elements live in the DJ rig. I should be drawing this portrait job I have been working on for five weeks, but I have pissed away yet another weekend on music. This is why I got a 1.58 GPA at the Kansas City Art Institute - MUSIC! I'll post a video of my pencil drawings soon."

4th Brandenburg Concerto on the MoPho analog synthesizer

YouTube via syntesen
"After having realized other Bach pieces on very diverse gear, I decided to try and do a full scale electronic realization of a movement of a Brandenburg concerto on the Dave Smith Instruments MoPho analog synthesizer, in the style of Wendy Carlos.

This is the result - the third movement of the fourth concerto.

The MoPho was controlled by a Novation ReMOTE 61SL, and everything was recorded straight into Ableton Live 7 as audio (24-bit, 48 KHz) - no MIDI sequencing. Effects (mild phasing on some sounds, reverb and delay), equalization and mastering was also applied in Live.

All the patches were programmed by me, and there is a lot more timbral variation to the individual instrument voices than in my earlier realizations."

NAMM: Dave Smith Instruments Mopho Features "One Voice Of The Prophet," Kool-Aid Not included

YouTube via gearwire
"The synthesis prophet behind the Prophet 08 gives Gearwire the details on his newest release, the Dave Smith Instruments Mopho. As Mr. Smith (if that is his real name) happily explains, the Mopho is like a monophonic Prohpet -- with some unique additional features -- for only $400!
See more on Gearwire.com."

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