evolver techno styleish liksom bha..

YouTube via petersedin. "2 evolvers and a mpc"

evolver techno liksom typ bha!

dave smith evolver techno 4

"2 x evolver and a mpc-1000. tryid to transpose both of them at the same time.. sounds awful sometimes but got a picture of what to do with it.."

TETR4 is Bigger

follow-up to this post where the MoPho looks bigger. This one in via BamBam Studio as well.

Cool MATRIXSYNTH shot below. :)

click the images for the full size shots.

Minimoog compared to dsi Prophet 08

YouTube via nickeax
"A quick and dirty sound off! No, it's not comparing which one is best, because I don't think they are mutually exclusive. I really just want to compare the timbres and envelope operations and to show you some nice clear DCOs and VCOs.

Personally, I think the Moog is slightly fatter and I like it's filter better, but not by very much at all on both counts.

FYI, the P08 was running in 'unison' with this mode set to 'single voice'. So it was in effect, a monosynth.

Please feel free to comment and/or ask me any questions about the gear."

Analog Synthesizer DSI Poly Evolver Presets

YouTube via alanmarcero
"Factory presets from the Dave Smith Instruments Poly Evolver PEK. For free patch banks visit http://www.alanmarcero.com"

Analog Synthesizer: Poly Evolver

YouTube via mano123456
"Mano from FutureProducers.com tests the Poly Evolver Keyboard by Dave Smith. You can listen to more of Mano's music at: ManuelClement.com"

Prophet 08 - Demo - By: Carlos Magno Moulin Lima

YouTube via cmmoulin
"DSI - Dave Smith Instruments - Prophet 08 - Analog Synth - davesmithinstruments - Prophet 8 - Carlos Magno Moulin Lima"


flickr by BamBam Studio
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"Dave Smith tetra and mopho"

Note the TETR4 is smaller.

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