Prophet 08, Zelda and some Brutal Deluxe

"While working on a song for the "sea songs" EP, I took some time off playing with MIDI files of video games oldies...

So, here's two all-Prophet demos!"

Demos and info on Cafe 80.

Mystery Moog

via Khoral:

"An interesting couple of photographs on the official DSI site. The Mopho, and some red Moog synth, I have no idea which one (is it a real Moog at all?) DSI's comment : 'we know what the keyboard really is, but we’re not telling'."

Anyone ID it?

Short DSI MoPho christmas tune

via Stefan Trippler:


"All synth sounds from DSI MoPho, drums from Stylus RMX, some reverb, delays, EQs and so on from Cubase. Not suited for multimedia speakers ;)"

Sonic LAB: Dave Smith Instruments MoPho

See the write-up on Sonic State.

Evolver - and the Editor, a David Smith's Synthesizer

YouTube via Tupapupa
"I always found videos about the sound of the EVOLVER and everybody says how difficult it is to edit the sounds...
So i did a little video wich (i hope) shows how easy it is to edit the sounds and the 4 sequencers of the EVOLVER"

mopho demo

"i just got this little booger yesterday, and i must say ! wowie!
i'm still finding my way around the controlls, as i'm used to having a ton of sliders or knobs in front of me. bass provided by juno 60, drums from sequential drumtraks. all the weird ass other stuff is the mopho!
so.. here ya go iain.."

Creeping Electro Death 2009 Remix

YouTube via SuicideServer
"Time for my own first video instead of that crappy finger cam. Hope you enjoy it. Shoutz go out to Dr. Walker, flaaps, RRKS, ren.eg8, Oedla, Acid Allstarz and all my friendz. Keep those beatz comin ;)"

MC-808 Kung Fu

"Another Hypnotic Techno Jam on my beloved Roland Gear. This time just with the MC-808."
See the thumbnails at the end of the video for more.


via Baghead's sounds channel
"this is a Novation Bass station rack thru EH Bi-filter, backed up by MoPho Direful preset,then around 2 minutes a Oberheim Matrix 1000 comes in ....drums by SoncCharge microtinic. this starts off great but around 3 minutes with just the M1k and the drums it thins out a bit too much for my tast, it then ends on the mopho fading out"

DSI still Sequential Circuits

This one spotted by prophei. He downloaded the sysex for the three individual OSes for the DSI Poly Evolver Keyboard off of the DSI website. When he looked at the manufacture in the Mac OS X SysEx Librarian this is what he saw. Anyone confirm?

DSI Prophet '08

images at this auction

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