Haz Mat's Arsenal of Synths, Drum Machines, Controllers, and Sequencers | The Process Episode 2

Published on Mar 12, 2018 Reverb

"Haz Mat dropped by to show us how to 'tame the beast' in the latest installment of our new series, "The Process." The live techno wizard from Detroit unleashed his magic in our studio, building beats and crafting textures on his impressive collection of sequencers, samplers, MPC, and invited us to watch him while he works.

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Tune-Yards - Look at Your Hands (Official Video) - Featuring the the DSI Tempest

Published on Oct 24, 2017 Tune-Yards

This one is not necessarily a synth demo, but considering how prominent the DSI Tempest is featured, I thought it deserved a post. Also, I thought it was kind of cool that there is a credit for "modular synth" in the description for the video below. I remember the first time I heard this song in the background while posting away. About a minute in, I was

The Machines play Cars by Gary Numan

Published on Mar 8, 2018 HostileSlothRecords

The Machines play 'Cars' by Gary Numan
A cover version by LavLab

Key Gear Used:
Roland MV-8000
Ensoniq TS-10
Ensoniq DP-4
Novation Bass Station
Mutable Instruments Braids
Dave Smith Instruments DSM01 & 02
Doepfer A-100 series
Allen & Heath GL2000
GoPro Hero 4

Switch - Motas-6, DSI OB-6, MFB Dominion Club, Dominion & Tanzmaus, Akai MPC Live

Published on Mar 8, 2018 Cave Way

"Picked up the Motas-6 recently, which if you haven't seen or heard.... it is a paraphonic synth handmade in England. It is extremely versatile has a billion controls and every parameter has its own LFO/Envelope generator so the sound design goes deep. It sounds great. I've been sitting on this recording for awhile and finally had a chance to upload it. If I

VGM #131: Fear Factory (Donkey Kong Country) Synthwave Cover

Published on Mar 7, 2018 Ace Waters

"This is one of my new favorite covers. Really enjoyed taking the industrial groove of this track and filling it with tons of synths. DKC coming next week. The album I promised to release almost two years ago. Its coming. Get psyched."

Prophet 12 "Xtrem Pads" Soundbank Part I

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Pulsophonic

"First 33 presets of the soundbank "Xtrem Pads" for DSI Prophet 12 available on www.pulsophonic.com"

Prophet '08 Sawtooth Solo Patch #2

Published on Mar 5, 2018 Sacred Synthesis

"From a previous session. Just another typical strings and sawtooth solo improvisation. The accompaniment is played on the Poly Evolver Keyboard, and the solo is played on a single Prophet '08.

I would put the Prophet '08's sawtooth solo patch in the "thin-ish" category, alongside the ARP sound. But this is not at all a negative characterization. After

FLAT EARTHERS// Squarp Pyramid, OB-6, Sub37, TR-8 x2

Published on Mar 5, 2018 MR TUNA Music

"Just punching one out real fast before the end of the night. Quick and dirty."

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