Doepfer Dark Energy 2 & Boss DD3 Digital Delay

Published on Apr 25, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Dark Energy 2 synthesiser through the DD3. The DD3 has been placed on an aux send.

No further processing except normalisation."

Stoplight Spaceout by LavLab

Published on Apr 23, 2017 HostileSlothRecords

"Experimental eurorack modular synthesizer session

Key Gear Used:
Qu-Bit Nebulae sampler,
Voice of Saturn analog synth,
Waldorf nw1 wavetable synth,
Tip-Top Audio BD808 kick drum,
Doepfer sequencer & white noise,
Make Noise Wogglebug modulation, clock & ring mod,
Synthrotek delay
Electro Harminix Memory Boy delay


MFB Tanzbar, Moog Sub Phatty & Doepfer Dark Energy 2

Published on Apr 22, 2017 3rdStoreyChemist

"Jamming with the Tanzbar drum machine, Sub Phatty and Dark Energy 2 synthesisers synced together (Tanzbar CV2 via MIDI Out to Sub Phatty MIDI In, Tanzbar CV1/Gate1 to DE2).

A small amount of reverb has been used, no further processing except for normalisation."

Superbooth 2017: Doepfer new Modules

Published on Apr 21, 2017 sonicstate

"Happy Birthday Doepfer - 25 years this year.." Very cool!!! :)

Triple Dreadbox Symphony - Modularjam with NYX / Erebus and Hades (Riamiwo StudioVlog 34)

Published on Apr 21, 2017 riamiwovideos

"This week I jammed with the three Dreadbox Synths Nyx, Erebus and Hades. The Nyx and the Erebus is sequenced by Arturia Microbrute, the hades is sequenced by the Roland Tb-03 and layered with the sound of the Microbrute. All FX comes from the Erebus and the Nyx.
The drums in this jamsession are from the Roland Tr09.

Dreadbox Nyx, Erebus & Hades

Superbooth 2017: Introducing Doepfer New Modules and the Performance Mixer

Published on Apr 20, 2017 Analogue Zone Showroom / Synths and Studio

"Introducing Doepfer New Modules and the Performance Mixer

AnalogueZone ►"

See this post for a list of the new modules.

190417 - Eurorack Performance

Published on Apr 19, 2017 zacharyradford

"~6 months later and I've already filled 6u x 84HP.

Melodies generated by 2x 2hp TMs through the Doepfer Quantizer.

Rings with frequency modulated by a metronome via Ears (not pictured)

Recorded with Zoom Q2n."


Published on Apr 17, 2017 Vykaar Tones

Slow improvisation in old school style using:
Arturia Beatstep Pro
Arturia DrumBrute
Doepfer Dark Energy Mk1 x 2
Doepfer A-160-5 x 2
Boomstar 4075
Roland SH1oh1
Korg Microsampler
Waldorf Streichfett
Roland JP8000
Roland RS09
Roland Juno 106
Roland CR8000
Doepfer Vocoder modules
Custom Prophet 5 rev 3 noise source module
MTM Radio Music sample player

Cosmic Dreams Mcv Adsr & Rafa Saez Modular Session

Published on Apr 13, 2017 Waves of Memories Project

"Cosmic Dreams Mcv Adsr & Rafa Saez Modular Session"

Some nice synth spotting in this one including a KORG PS-3200 and rare Polyfusion modular. Huge EMW system, Modcan, and as well.

Treat Yourself :)