FM and LPGs

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"FMed model 15s and spiked Doepfer LPGs."

NIN and MainStage

"Rock innovators take their signature sound from the studio to the stage with MainStage…"

See the video here (video 2)

Note Alessandro Cortini (bottom shot) of Modwheelmod and blindoldfreak (also on MySpace) has left NIN to work on his own projects and take some well deserved time off the road. Note Alessandro is a reader of MATRIXSYNTH. You can find some kind words from him on the right of the site under the "Kind Words On MATRIXSYNTH" section. He also contributed with these excellent Buchla 200e videos. We wish him the best of luck and hope he keeps on rocking.

The Kraftzwerg from MFB and More via Davide

via Davide: "The Kraftzwerg from MFB, a pre-patched but completely re-patchable mono analog beast (3 osc, a beautiful double LFO and a very nice sounding 24db VCF). The Kraftzwerg is REALLY the assembly of the modules from MFB so you are not going to loose any of the modulation possibilities.

The beautifully cheap Eurorack cabinet (or better… naked rails and cheeks!) from MFB (with power supply and midi to cv interface) and some intriguing doepfer modules.

A-118 Noise/Random, a beautiful kaos generator. There is a variable rate random voltage suitable for modulating anything in a non predictable but smooth way. Oh, and a couple of audio noise output.

A-132 Double VCA. I’m gonna use this.

A-124 WASP filter. Very nice sounding cheap filter. I bought this to have an High Pass and Band Pass to complement the very good LPF of the Kraftzwerg.

A189-1 Voltage controllable BIT CRUNCHER / MODIFIER. The name says it all. I read on some forums that this unit DOES NOT SOUND NICE. What the hell!!!!! There should be really dumb people out there.. Hook up a couple of CV to affect sample rate and bitcrushing… Instant mayhem.

A-180 MULTIPLES. It goes without saying… the most beautiful sounding of ‘em all. Gh-gh-gh!"

"The synth under the cat is a pretty rare 12DCO Italian polysynth from the eighties [Solton Project 100]…. The cat is Pallina (little ball).

That’s my Xmas Studio!"

Patch of the Day - Automation Uncertainty

"Three VCOs running as External Instruments in Logic, random CCs & pitch information generated by a Sequentix P3 to various plug-in parameters.

The patch:
1) Livewire AFG linear FM'd by Cwejman MMF-1,
reverb depth modulation.
2) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Plan B M13,
delay time & level modulation.
3) Cwejman VCO-2RM > Doepfer A-105,
flanger feedback-level modulation."

You can find it on navs.modular.lab

VICMOD Ensemble live @ Make it Up Club

VICMOD Ensemble live @ Make it Up Club from abre ojos on Vimeo.
"VICMOD is a Melbourne based group that meet up once a month to build and discuss modular synths and occasionally we jam. This is five of the members performing at Make It Up Club a live improv night at Bar Open in Melbourne Australia.

Shot with a HV20 on a stationary tripod. Sound recorded straight off the mixer by Stephen Richards via an Indigo card & Powerbook in Ableton Live."

via Ross:

Taken from the Modular Synth night, Make It Up Club 25 Nov 2008, Melbourne, Australia.

Here is the complete show all 29 mins in either Vimeo or mp3.
This time you will see the modular synths in action, not just a crowd shot POV.
You will see Buchla 200e, Euro Modular synths (ElbyDesign/Ken Stone, Livewire, The Harvestman, Doepfer,Plan B etc) Dot Com modulars, fx etc.
Most members are playing modules they built themselves!

access downloads via Abre Ojos VIMEO <>
Mp3 to follow
Many thanks to Scott for all the amazing work :-)"

MFOS Weird Sound Generator

YouTube via PooLP14

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