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Note the Acidlab Bassline and modded TR-707


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Doepfer A-100 Echo Park Lin6 feed back Sherman Filterbank

YouTube via inbetweenmovements
"Doepfer - Echo Park Lin6 - Sherman Filterbank - Feedback goes in Echo Park - Sp-303 (Tape Echo FX), Sequenced via midi from Electribe MX, later in the Video (3:34) VCO 2 is pitched by Red Noice through S&h Drums ER-1"


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"Ribbon control of a very opera singerlike voice. Ribbon controls pitch, gate, and the vibrato in the voice."

Doepfer System A-100 & KORK Electribe ER-1

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"all sounds sequenced by doepfer A161 Clock Sequencer in midi sync - except the electribe drums which are sequenced by ER-1. White noice + Random Volt is producing through the Dual S&H the aleatoric pitches of the notes from the A-100 Delay comes from the boss SP-303 sampler"

011109 (sin Echo)

YouTube via dkimcg
"Lots of M15 FMing, Triple Timer as a gate for cycling M10s, M12 bandpass mode with Lots of modulations. There's two parts since I forgot to record anything with the RS390 Echo in this go around. Love the Triple Timer the more I use it...

That's without echo in Spanish in case you were wondering where the evil echo was."

011109 (con Echo)

"Same patch as 011109a, but takes off where that leaves off plus delay. I forgot to experiment with the delay while recording the first part of the video.

No con game in this echo. The RS-390 is digital, but it sounds great with no noticeable artifacts. :)"

Test Doepfer A-100

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YouTube via gridlife. "Formant Foolery!"

A fast theme

YouTube via attorks
"An uptempo piece of sequencer music. The first sequence you hear is performed by the Modular using the CGS Steiner filter. The second sequence is performed by the MFM Modular using the Q150 filter. The AKAI AX80 is on chord memory so I can use one note to play chords. The AX80 also controls the pitch of the sequence. The difficulty was that the scale to play the chords and change the pitch (in Cm) was 2 semitones below the scale for the solo (in Dm). But I didn't wanted to scale down the Doepfer MAQ16/3 which would involve retuning all the knobs. The solo is performed on the Korg 900PS with the Funky Trumpet preset. In the last section the pitch bend switch is engaged."

Shleed - Microtonal Steam Machine

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Steampipe plugin from Reaktor 5
TR-606 samples
Doepfer a100
FL Studio to sequence the whole lot."

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