DIY STP 2600 - Updated DIY TTSH In the Works

This one spotted and sent in via Soviet Space Child.

Some initial details:

Much easier build (1 main & 10 module boards)
All VCO’s have 4 waveforms
VCF with 4012 and 4072 revision options
Added Sync, Gate and Trigger
Added ADSR mods
Improved circuits for less noise
Improved Mixer
Digital Reverb
Balanced Outputs
Small (37x32x10cm) sized
Except some ICs everything is Through Hole

Target for DIY

GEN X1 MODULAR - Patch Modded Stylophone

Published on Dec 3, 2017 Tasos Stamou

"Modified version of the new Stylophone Gen X-1 by Stamou Instruments. This is a modular analog synth now.
-Front panel high range pitch shift knob
-body contact pitch control
-sustain switch (hands free sound)
-LFO speed LED indicator
- 8 connection points to 2 LFO modes (2mm banana cables)"

WP-20 Experimental Synthesizer - Noise, FX, Drone

The WP-20 is an MFOS DIY synth. You can find a couple of demos and other user designs in the archives.

"Here is a quick demo of me noodling around on my custom built WP-20 Synthesizer. There is reverb added. The last 4 minutes or so are two tracks of WP-20, with one track run through the Cimmerian Caves dual echo unit + CV and Gate input from my modular system."

via this auction


Kit Review # 14 - Overfolder Rev 2

Published on Dec 4, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"Build guide and demo patch for the revision 2 of the VBModular Overfolder. A complex wave folding module that sounds amazing!"

Previous posts.

1984 sequencer part 1

Published on Dec 3, 2017 DutchBigEd

"An 8 step sequencer based on the m-185 made by Ryk, using an Arduino to control the seuences and using thum wheel switches to set the number of repetitions per step."

Kit Review #14 - Fixed Sine Bank

Published on Dec 2, 2017 Synth Diy Guy

"An in depth review of the North Coast Synthesis Fixed Sine Bank Module kit. Unboxing, Construction and Patching Ideas."

New DIY Polysynth Coming from Neutron Sound

Neutron sound poly synth swarmageddon Published on Dec 1, 2017 neutron7

"Here is the swarm oscillator (and a few other things) for the upcoming DIY poly synth. this is currently running on ONLY a teensy 3.6.(at 240mhz) with both main oscillators running swarm and all 6 voices playing, thats 96 oscillators. look mum no synth! The main oscillators are 'braids like' with multiple models and 2


via this auction

"1970's Paia Gnome micro synth, not fully functional but it works, needs a little tune up, opened it up and found a broken component, should be an easy fix."

Pic of the inside directly below.

Christmas Sale at DSP Synthesizers

via DSP Synthesizers

"There is a christmas sale on all synthesizer chips at DSP Synthesizers.

50% off on all DIY items in the store.

Order now to have them delivered in time for the happy holiday hacking!

A Very Merry Christmas to all of you!"

Treat Yourself :)