2399: Building a DIY Delay Module

Published on Dec 24, 2017 Izhar Ashdot

"Turn on CC for English subtitles.
This video shows the process of making a Eurorack Delay module using a PT2399 chip.
Using a self built musical instrument is so much fun!"

73-75 DIY Serge

Published on Dec 23, 2017 Oren Levy

"Recently built the 73-75 DIY Serge panels and now I'm learning how the modules work. So far I am having a lot of fun trying to figure it out. I love how the slightest turn of a knob can completely transform the patch."

New Retro Synth PCB : OPL2LPT

1. LGR - Adlib Sound Over Parallel! The OPL2LPT - Lazy Game Reviews
2. Ad-Lib Sound Card for the Parallel Port - The 8-Bit Guy
3. Adlib Yamaha OPL sound in DOS games on a Core i7 - PhilsComputerLab
4. OPL2LPT prototype update 2 more punch - adlib jukebox - Serdaco

OPL2LPT is a new product from the makers of DreamBlaster X2. The following are some details in directly via the maker,

Locked Sample and Hold 5Y DIY Module by

Published on Dec 23, 2017 PortamentoFr

"Vidéo de démonstration sommaire d'un module créé DIY pour synthétiseur modulaire permettant de générer des séquences aléatoire bloquées.

Brief video demonstration of a DIY module for modular synthesizer for generating random and locked sequences."

1970s Dubreq Stylophone 350S + Studio Effects Demo & Repair

Published on Sep 17, 2017 James Bennett

"Quick test of the (almost) repaired Stylophone 350S as shown in a previous video, played through a Digitech Quad and a Sony R7

Follow-up video discussing the repair will come soon!"

1970s Dubreq Stylophone 350S Repair - Pt1

Published on Aug 9, 2017 James Bennett

"A really crusty Stylophone 350S which i am going to attempt to resurrect. It ain't

Mattel Optigan Model 35011 Repair by James Bennett

Published on Jun 28, 2017 James Bennett

"Something a bit different. In the vein of repair videos I like to watch, I was advised to actually document one about this project.

A friend's 1973 Optigan which amazingly he managed to find in England, and pretty locally at that. In our studio for a service.

I'm getting over a cold, so apologies for my heavy breathing!

More lighting required..."

AniModule *XXX_OR : Screenprinting Aluminum Front Panels with Epoxy ink

Published on Dec 20, 2017 JRock17991

"Check Out our Modules at :
A comprehensive video following the process of AniModule Front Panel creation, from Prep to ScreenPrinting. Also some witty banter (IIDSSM).
*XXX_OR is 3 channels of cascaded Analog XOR"

Noise Generator for Doepfer DIY Synth & Moog Mother-32

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Yo!

DIY HexInverter Nein OH Nein Clap - Demo - Midiverse - TV - MVM #98

Published on Dec 19, 2017 Midiverse - TV

"Welcome to Midiverse - TV! Today we're going to take a quick look at a DIY Eurorack Module that we recently finished building, this is the HexInverter Nein Oh Nein Clap. Let's check it out!"

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