CER - Complex Envelope Recorder

Published on Mar 6, 2018 Gibran Curtiss

"CER - Complex Envelope Recorder is a module to create and modify complex waveforms:
-3 ways of signal input: voltage input , sliding pot and LDR shadowing
-manual or triggered control to start and stop recording / playback
-manual modifiers to start/end positions , shrink/stretch envelope, smoothness


New Moog DIY Project Coming to This Year's MOOGFEST 2018 ENGINEER WORKSHOP

Previous years brought us the BFAM and DFAM. What will this year bring?

via Moog Music:

"Work alongside Moog engineers to build and take home your own unique electronic instrument, currently unreleased and designed especially for the 2018 Moogfest Engineer Workshop.

Over the coming weeks, we will reveal the details of our Moogfest Engineer Workshop, including info on this year’s build. The

Paia 5700P, 4-Voice Analog Percussion Synth "The Drum"

via this auction

"This listing is for one extremely rare Paia "The Drum" 5700P Analog Percussion Synthesizer. It is essentially a cab filled with 4 identical modules that can generate a sound that is suited to percussive analog tones. It can be triggered via any sound source, including other drums, eurorack, a drum machine, etc. (voltage trigger OR audio into the 1/4" jack). Each voice also

Custom Built Modular Synthesizer Using CEM Chipset

via this auction

"Custom system [built] back in the '80s using CEM chips on PAiA boards. This synth uses banana plugs to connect the various modules. Many cords are included.

The modules included are: 3 VCOs, 1 CCF, 2 ADSRs, and one dual VCA. The chips are all by CEM, the same chips used by many '80s synths (MOOG, Sequential, many more). These chips are hard to find and just the value of these

Being Noisy part 1 — The Useless Module

Published on Mar 5, 2018 Vola Noisy Stuff

Forward to 6:05 for the demos. Don't miss it.

"First episode of Being Noisy, a series on making, hacking and bending noisy instruments. On this episode I some what go trough the process on turning a Useless Machine in to an eurorack synth module.

I will try and make these kind of videos from time to time. The focus is on fun and not too serious


via this auction

"Rare PAiA 2720 modular synthesizer. I bought this one from Robert Rich a long time ago (

I am selling it untested. It is my understanding that it was working before I bought it, but it was built from a kit, so I am not making any guarantees about condition. it is missing some screws, has some rusty screws and spots, and the case around the pitch knob

Wave folder

Published on Mar 5, 2018 organfairy

"Jump to 4:34 to avoid the annoying artificial saxophones.

Lately I have been trying to make things I haven't made before - something else than sequencers, VCOs, VCFs, VCAs, etc.
I have never tried making a wave folder before. As a matter of fact until recently I didn't know what a wave folder is. But I found a good explanation somewhere - the one with the

STG Soundlabs modular plus DIY rarities

via this auction

"The case is made of curly oak top/front and ash sides/back (they match up really well) and has a couple STG Busboards with a Power One PSU that's really overbuilt for the case size. The modules are all in decent shape save for occasional rack rash that you don't see when screws are in place or some light scratches here or there from a patch lead, which is to be expected with

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