JNoobSynth VCO Generator at oscilloscope

YouTube via wax78
"Look for the signal in an oscilloscope to see if it's correct."

Doctor And Janitor

flickr by phyrworks
"Performed at the 2006 Spring Electronic Music Concert at the UCSC Recital Hall

Stickylight, vasynth, custom software, max/msp/jitter, c plugin, flashlights, live performance
Performers: Phoenix Toews, and leaf tine

Stickylight is a technology that I developed that can track light and color sources

The vasynth is a synthesizer that I created that converts light and motion into sound"

lil sidrassi take 2

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"just trying to make a better video....

lil sidrassi from ciat lombardes site....

on a paper circuit board no less"

JÜRGEN HAIBLE Subtle Chorus (Roland Dimension D clone) part kits

via Tobias on AH:
"Hey you guys,

I'm going to offer sets for the Subtle Chorus main board and the BBD board.

Project details:

For those who are going to build the Dim T or Dim TD version I suggest the Tau part kits from Bridechamber. Scott is a cool guy and does a perfect job.

IMPORTANT: I won't be able to ship part kits before mid january, as I do have a job ouside of town until then. But of course you can order those from now on.

Main board:

This is the TL072 version part kit. I won't offer the vintage kit, as especially the power transistors are not that easy to source in larger quantities. Same for the HA1457W.
At least I didn't find a supplier for those so far.

Main board parts kit contains all parts per Jürgens BOM, no panel mount parts.

Price: 77 (~ 109 us$)

BBD board:

This kit also contains TL071 / TL072 instead of HA1457W.
The BBD and Clock chips (MN3007 and MN3101) are original NOS Matsushita/Panasonic chips, and the compander chips are NOS Philips SA571.

BBD board kits contain all parts as per Jürgens BOM, no panel mount parts.

Price: 118 (~ 166 us$)

Shipping: small parcel via DHL
in Germany: 5 (~ 7 us$), insured 8 (~ 12 us$)
Europe: 8 (~ 12 us$)
Rest of the world: 14 (~ 20 us$)

As you can see the prices in us$ are estimated. That is because there was a little bit confusion about exchange rates lately, so I'm going to charge you in . This way you will get the correct daily exchange rate.

Please send your order to:

ts-parts (a t) web . de

(you know how this goes: name@ etc...)

Please include the quantity and type of kit in the about line

(like this: Order for 2 Subtlr Chorus BBD kits...)

Please include in the mail:

- your name
- full adress
- how you like to pay (bank transfer or paypal - if paypal: please include your paypal billing adress)
- from which list/forum you come

I will send you an email with all details about payment and other information. If you're paying via paypal you will also receive a paypal invoice.

I'm looking forward to hear from you.

Best wishes,


Et la tendresse?... Bordel!

via swissdoc. Note this one is NOT safe for work. It features an ARP 2600 and a pretty analog DIY controller. :)


It is taken from the French movie "Et la tendresse?... Bordel!" from 1979

Here the movie title was
"Verdammt noch mal...wo bleibt die Zärtlichkeit"

The text translates to:
Sorry, the music came from your flat?
Yes, ideed, is it disturbing you?
No, it makes me curious.
Do you live here in that house?
No, I just wanted to ask you some questions for a survey.
Yes, such an opinion survey...

Excuse me, I could understand if you would close the door in my face,
but I would really like to know what you are doing here?

Would it be very indiscreet to ask, what's going on here?

You know, we produce music from our emotions. We transform our sensation
of pleasure into music. Listen...

Who ist that?
I just wanted to ask you some questions for a survey.
What questions?
I don´t think that will interest you, it is about the pros and cons of
advertisment in sports broadcasting.

Do you change once in a while? I mean, do you let her stroke you?

Yes, but the music from a man is much more rudimentary. The female sensation
for pleasure is more suble, has more nuances and the music as well.

May I try? Please?

That´s normal, because, there is no love between you and her..."

Aman Amun - Scapegoating

YouTube via ilidz.
"Download Scapegoating and others songs from Waxing for free:

This is documentation for an interactive-art piece I call the munome which I am using as the backbone of the Aman Amun performance.

It is meant to be a conceptual exploration of taking something that is open source (the monome) and making it even more flexible and open. The monome itself is only a grid of buttons, but this very simplicity also opens up room for almost endless functionality. For this piece I have virtualized this instrument in Max-Msp and added ways to dynamically control it both functionally and visually.

Note that this is only a small fraction of what the Aman Amun performance entails, but it illustrates some of the other ideas I am actively experimenting with. The performance seeks to explore the gradiated region that sits between "live performance," "djing" and "vjing." The monome is clearly an instrument, but the use of pre-recorded samples is very reminiscent of the practice of Djing rather than live performance. The active control of the visual display enters the realm of Vjing, but the visual information (as you will see more clearly in future documentation) is largely controlled by the music itself.

Technical Details:
The Munome is running MLR and tr256 alongside Reason for the drums sounds. I am using Johnney Lee's Wii Whiteboard to take the performance from behind the computer screen and place it out in front of the viewer.

I apologize for the video, audio, and performance quality. Expect more of all of the above in future documentation when time and equipment permits it. Thanks to midimeek, stretta, tehn, and the others of the monome community for helping make this possible. Thanks to Eric Marty and the others of the ARTX Dept. @ UGA for help with equipment and technical details. More to come."

Machine Project Synth

Machine Project Synth from Wade Harpootlian on Vimeo.
"Here's a demo of the synthesizer I built at the Machine Project learn to solder class. The class was great, and I can't wait to do more tinkering. It makes such a lovely sound, don't you think?"
flickr shots by Bearville here.

Zn'shñ Live at Mudam (2008)

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"Zn'shñ (Elvire Bastendorff & Franck Smith) live at Mudam Luxembourg, Musée d'art moderne Grand-Duc Jean. Recorded December 10th 2008.


Invented and defined by Franck Smith, the term Zn'shñ signifies: the gleam of dark colours. Deliberately antithetic and intentionally enigmatic, Zn'shñ is enthused by Butoh iconography, Japanese Gagaku aesthetic and Tibetan rituals codification. Operating as a dual electronic unit, Zn'shñ deepens a series of very specific works around phonocrafting and noise manufacturing."

N°2 of Zn'shñ Live at Mudam (2008)

Natureza Morta

flickr by me esqueçam¿

DIY Synth

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find the cat.

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