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"Even after I took the genuine crusty roland (tm) felt off, bits remained everywhere, courtesy of the genuine roland (tm) glue."

Roland Alpha Juno-1 and PG-300

temptatio de evol te - abre ojos

temptatio de evol te - abre ojos from abre ojos on Vimeo.
""you know what you need? you need a private session with Serge! he'll help you out of the pain you've brought on yourself"

ninth in an ongoing series of live sound & visual improvisations using a euro rack modular synthesizer, ableton live and quartz composer on a macbook pro.

for more info visit"

via Scott of abre ojos:
"I have a new track up this one will be the last for a while as i'm working on a 4 track AV release for which should be done by about march (fingers crossed).

this track features a couple of new modules including the excellent EXCELLENT Flight of Harmony Plague Bearer and a DIY Korg P3100 resonator clone built from a PCB from the workshop of Fonik which is full of vactrol goodness!

grab the mp3 here: 192k mp3 24.6mb
a pic of the patch is attached.

Also local artist Andrew McIntosh/Screwtape has been putting together interviews of local experimental musicians and artists and has created a youtube channel. I was lucky enough to be one of those interviewed. its in 2 parts: [one, two] and part 2 [below] shows my modular in detail talking about the module selection, arrangement, ribbon controller etc from 4:58.

Scott Baker - 2

DIY Synths - Purga

Two images spotted by Deviant Synth. If anyone knows more about these, feel free to comment or contact me - my contact info is on the bottom right of the site.

The tiny YMO click module (take3)

YouTube via denha
"This makes a model of MOOG moduller sequencer. The sound has been changed."

myoelectric sensor (Daito Manabe)

YouTube via daito. via Brad. You might remember daito from these previous posts.
"Daito Manabe:programming
Masaki Teruoka:myoelectic sensor
triggering a sound(right hand) and sampling+loop(left hand)"

myoelectric sensor (Daito Manabe)


YouTube via sabathehellborn
"ANALtRONIC is a homemade analog/electronic synthesizer in progress"


YouTube via etonepan ARP VCF

ARP 2600 Filter

Modular SA5 bent by Oceanus

YouTube via xd515
"A near finished piece. A favourite Casio SA-5 with all the mods as in the totaly bananas bent one.. but the inclusion of a modular design, 2 VCF's and a sequencer! I have improved the power starve mod and there is a cool 'test pin' mod on the OKI chip.. although I forgot to include it in this clip!"

Karplus Strong Synthesis

Karplus Strong Synthesis from a guy called tom on Vimeo.
"A patch trying to model a plucked string. The setup is MFB Osc-2 into LPG (both mode) into A-188-1 BBD into another LPG (Filter only, to get rid of the BBD clock bleeding through). Pitch of the Osc and Delay clock of the BBD is sequenced by the MAQ16/3. A bit of reverb is added."

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