The DIY Analog-Stringsynth Module/Stringmachine #002

Published on Apr 24, 2018 Andreas Remshagen

"Runs now in better performance. All 12 oscillators have a better Tempco and a better Exponential system. Very stable tuning over 5 Octaves. Runs through a moog-filterclone, analog adsr, vca and a alesis-midiverb4"

Part 1 here. See the Remshagen label below for more.

Phase modulation of the Analog Devices AD9833 DDS

Published on Apr 23, 2018 DutchBigEd

"This is a short demo of phase modulation of the Analog Devices AD9833 DDS chip with an Arduino (Atmega328p).
First part is where the hard sync input frequency is varied, than the phase of the hard sync is modulated en than the frequentie of the ad9833 is modulated.

The last part all three variables are modulated.

The sync input is PD2 (INT0), the phase

SUPERBOOTH18 Workshops

Music Thing Modular Workshop with Thonk pictured.

You'll find the full list of SUPERBOOTH18 workshops here.

Music Thing DIY on Thonk

Repairing and cleaning a BOSS DR-660

Published on Apr 23, 2018 organfairy

"The demo starts at 3:25.

In my repair and cleaning series about the pile of musical items I bought at a second hand shop I have now come to the drum machine: The BOSS DR-660. There wasn't any serious problems to take care off. Just a dead RAM battery and the unit was even so informative that it automatically told me that this was the problem.

The music -

First Demo of the Upcoming Moog Subharmonicon

"It's alive! Early sounds from the Subharmonicon prototype...

Purchase an Engineer Pass to Moogfest and build your own #Subharmonicon next month in #Durham, NC:…/build-subharmonicon…"

Also see: Moogfest Releases Full Schedule & 1st Image of New Moog DIY Subharmonicon Synth

Building the Eurorack Spring Reverb Kit from Thonk

Published on Apr 20, 2018 markusfuller

"after spending many days making up a circuit of my own I decided it best and cheaper to just buy a Kit and build that instead. turned out better than i could imagine.
this kit came from and was surprisingly simple to assemble.
Disclaimer: This kit was purchased by myself by donations from my patreon supporters.
All music & sounds within

Progressive house on DIY synths

Published on Apr 20, 2018 Konstantin T

"Making some music on a couple of Protosynths V1LP and a couple of V2 prototypes. Hypnotic progressive basslines on the V2's, pads on the V1LPs, both running in polyphonic mode."

x0xb0x Atomic Mod II un-assemble DIY kit for xoxbox synthesizer

Published on Apr 8, 2013 Jason x

The above is a playlist. You can use the player controls to flip through videos.

via this auction

"x0xb0x atomic mod 2 Un-assemble DIY kit. Comes with all componants and PCB to build the atomic mod 2 upgrade kit for x0xb0x synthesizer. It also comes with a beautiful aluminum case. Building guide in pdf files and building tutorial in youtube. (x0xb0x is


Published on Apr 19, 2018 Synthesizer Reviews

"Trumansburg VCF Build Guide.

This kit converts a q150 ladder filter into a 1u condensed version.

This kit is available exclusively here."

"The J150 is a brand new original panel design for the q150 Transistor Ladder Filter, paying homage to the origins of the Moog low

Pipe organ "Cornet" combination with modular VCOs

Published on Apr 27, 2017 cnagorka

"A brief video with some bad keyboard work demonstrating a very imitative organ sound."

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