Delptronics LBD-2E Analog Drums + LBD-2X Expander

Published on Mar 9, 2017 Perfect Circuit Audio

"The LDB-2e 'Little Drummer Boy' analog drums eurorack module is an update to our popular LDB-1e module. It is 6 HP (only 2HP wider) and now includes the the individual volume controls and output jacks functionality of the old expansion module. The LDB-2x expansion module is totally new and gives you knob and CV control of the pitch of every drum,

Animodule Midi Gate eurorack modular midi drum trigger

Published on Nov 2, 2016 Flux302 of


4HP wide, Depth = 33mm, Price = $169 available NOW"

Modular Synth Jam by Boodaman - La Grand Messe

Published on Oct 27, 2016 Cavi Master

"Live recorded the 26 october 2016 @ Boodaman studio.
100% modular synth performance exepted FX

Rytmics 1: Mutable peaks + 2 Ladik RomPlay, Ladik Twin-T Drums
Rytmics 2: Mutant HiHat, TipTop, Delphytronics,...
Lead 1: Sputnik dual VCO + AJH VCO
Bass: Cavisynth Ardurack

Sequencing: Turing machine, Zularic repetitor + Ladik Patern generator + lot of clocks

New Delptronics LDB-2e Analog Drums Module Demo

Published on Oct 6, 2016 Delptronics

"This is a demo of the Delptronics LDB-2e “Little Drummer Boy” Analog Drums Eurorack module.

It packs packs eight drum voices into only 6HP: kick, snare, low tom, hi tom, wood block, rim shot, and open and closed hi-hats. In the video, the drums are sequenced with the Delptronics Trigger Man module, but they can be triggered with any trigger or gate signal


Published on Mar 26, 2016 anthony burchell

"Rings is being sent into the clouds which is going into the intellijel azimuth for some width.
The Elements is being triggered by a 4ms clock multiplier gate and the B output of the intellijel µscale. The µscale is being sent a sequence from the Make Noise Pressure points which is being reversed in direction every 8th step from the Delptronics

A Brave New World

Published on Mar 23, 2016 jdanielcramer

"Demonstration of three utility patches being used as a starting point to create a finished song from a generative modular patch.
Features the Triggerman Shuffle Patch, the Sequencer Switch Patch, and a Synth Bass Shapeshifter Patch.
Naked Bass Solo!"

Delptronics Trigger Man with various modules.

Apollo | Trip the Light - Airlock (live performance)

Published on Feb 9, 2016 anthony burchell

"Modular Live Jam - Trip the Light - Apollo

The Mutable Instruments Peaks is being controlled by the Trigger Man sequencing the kick and snare patterns. The Mutable Elements is in chord mode (perfect for knob tweaks). The bass/lead parts were by the Pittsburgh Waveforms which is being controlled by an adsr and an envelope modulating the cutoff. A split

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