Dave Brown

Dave Brown

Dave Brown Computer Voltage Source CVS MOTM Format

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"Dave Brown DJB - Computer Voltage Source (CVS) Synth Module
MOTM Format 5U Synthesis Technologies

8 channel voltage source module with the AtomPro28 processor.
Information and programs for this module can be found on modularsynthesis.com, it currently has the Super Sequencer program installed.

Uses the RS-232 cable to cpu to switch programs (cable included). Not sure if

My Feet Are My Compass

Published on Dec 29, 2014 FogMonument

"This case is an amalgam of sources. Prefabbed PCB/DIY builds are Fonik/TH 4046 & Dave Dixon (Dixie/Rubiconesque) VCOs, Magic Smoke Mankato VCF, CLee 8 channel quantizer, MFOS VC Delay, FC Waverunner LFO. The rest I perfboarded or etched which are MFOS Voltage Distributor, CGS Gated Comparator, Midivox MIDI to CV, Dave Brown Mixer/Reverb, Fritz AD/AR, and

Buchla LoPass Gate

available at bridechamber.com

"Buchla LoPass Gate

Comes in 1U and 2U versions.
Thanks to Don Buchla for the great design, and for giving permission to Thomas White to do the PCB layout.

$30 1U Panel
$35 2U Panel"

be sure to see bridechamber for other items coming including:
Scott Stite's Klee sequencer panels - Thomas White's design
MFOS sequencer panels - Thomas White's design
Dave Brown's Computer Voltage Source panels
Oakley Ring Mod
MFOS Sonic Multiplier
Wogglebug PCBs

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