Custom BLACK KORG Minilogue with Moog style knobs

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"Up for sale is a used custom KORG Minilogue synthesizer with a custom black vinyl overlay and Moog-style knobs. This is not the black Monologue monosynth, but the 4 voice analog VCO Minilogue with a custom vinyl overlay.

The unit is fully functional. All knobs, keys, lights, indicators and switches work as they should.

The black is an overlay from style flip .com made of

CustomSynth Black Access Virus TI Snow For Sale

Remember CustomSynth's black Access Virus TI Snow? It's now up for sale via this auction

"ACCESS VIRUS TI SNOW CUSTOMSYNTH PAINTED BLACK, latest operating system, resprayed and screen printed, comes with gig bag , manual , and power supply, great condition."

Note the auction pics are the same as in the previous post, so see it for more pics if you happen to find this post decades from now. An

Moog Werkstatt-01 Analogue Synthesiser Synth With Cv Expander & Custom Chrome Knobs

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"Mood werkstatt great working condition comes with cv expander so can be easily used with other gear. Have put some new knobs on the synth as it makes it much easier to use but they can be removed just by pulling them off and the originals are underneath. One of the input on the expander is slightly bent but does not cause any issues and there is no original box unfortunately

Custom Angled Microkorg

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"The housing is made of 3/4" solid maple. It is beautiful. It is unfinished - if you want me to finish it before shipping we can work something out. It is screwed and glued. The mounting screws are brass and are recessed.

The Microkorg itself has been modified - cut in half length-wise to accommodate the housing. Four new mounting holes have been drilled on each side to

Red Roland Juno-106

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"Here’s a Custom Red Roland Juno 106 we finished up a few weeks ago.

It’s been totally electronically restored , and cosmetically modified.

What’s new is the polyphony meter on the far right of the front panel.

The switch turns it on and off. Right now , it’s set up to cause filter distortion. Pretty cool on filter dependent sounds.

You can also set it to be just a pretty

Custom Korg MINI KP Eurorack Module From Million Machine March

via Million Machine March

"One of my favorite types of emails are from people who love their non-eurorack gear so much that they want to find out, ‘if’ it is possible to convert over to eurorack, and what would be involved in doing so. At first I was not sure if conversion of the Korg MINI KP would even be possible. I usually have to go back and forth with the inquirer and see if they can ‘

Kick.S Live / Gamo4 Live recording. (Nov..12, 2017)

Published on Nov 12, 2017 Kick.S

"/// Equipment ////
Digitakt (custom painted)


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