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"Custom changes made by the previous owner; LED colours have been changed & blue lit Mod & Pitch Wheels added in place of the black plastic ones."

Custom Black Nord Stage EX 2 88 Used On Last Two Madonna Tours

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"This keyboard has toured the world twice with me. It is still in great condition as it was very well taken care of by my keyboard tech. It was featured on MDNA Tour in an upright piano shell during the acoustic performance of Like A Virgin/Love Spent. Then in 2015, it was painted black sparkle for the Rebel Heart Tour and lived on my keyboard rig where I played songs like La

Waldorf Microwave OLED Display

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"Amber, Blue, Red or White on black available.
This oled is a direct replacement for the old lcd display, The dimensions and mounting holes are identical, simply follow the instructions to remove the old lcd, then reattach the new oled. the colour and contrast can be adjusted, if you choose a red oled, i will include some colour filters to exactly match it with the red alpha

Custom Walnut Wood Side Panels for the Korg Microkorg

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"Give your Microkorg synth an individual stylised vintage vibe with these custom end panels

The panels are personally hand crafted in reclaimed Walnut, coated in Danish finish with a semi-rough satin sheen & have been pre-attached to a Microkorg synth to check even balance."

Plasma Dischargers on a Korg Volca

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"Plasma dischargers firing nicely and keeping the VCOs in tune"

Steampunk brass knobs as well.

Kick.S / X1252 (320)

Published on Jan 9, 2018 Kick.S

/// Equipment ////
Electribe SX

If you are curious about the custom skin, see this post on how he does them.

Update: actually, see this post for a more detailed video of the process.

Kick.S / X1249 (トロニカ)

Published on Jan 3, 2018 Kick.S

Elektron Digitakt with custom paint job.

Two Octave Roland SH-3A

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I don't think I've ever seen one with two octaves before. Guessing this one is custom considering. The pic unfortunately is a little blurry and the only one in the listing, but it looks pretty nicely done. If anyone knows more about this one, let us know.

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