The Missing Link Build Time Lapse

Click here to view the embedded video.Here’s a time-lapse video of building The Missing Link, a $150 Wireless MIDI interface that’s hand built in Portland, Oregon.The soundtrack was performed/recorded live by Minh Tran wirelessly using an iPod Touch via the Missing Link to simultaneously control a Korg MicroKorg, Yamaha Motif ES8, Roland Juno 60 (with Kenton Pro DCB mkiii) and Korg Triton-Rack.See WIFIMIDI for details.

Konkreet Performer – An iPad Music App That Actually ‘Thinks Different’

Click here to view the embedded video.iPad Music Software: Konkreet Labs has announced that Konkreet Performer – an iPad music app that actually ‘thinks different’, has been submitted to the App Store for approval.Taking full advantage of the possibilities created by the latest multi-touch technology, Konkreet Performer delivers a new way to control your DAWs, synthesizers, samplers (anything that receives MIDI/OSC). Konkreet Performer has been designed from the ground up to be a live performance instrument.No virtual piano keyboards, here.Konkreet Performer is a control instrument for live music performance. Its multi-touch interface is designed to ‘reconnect the musician’s actions directly with the music,’ according to the developers.Pricing and availability to come.Check out the demo video and let us know what you think of Konkreet Performer and its original approach.

KORG iMS-20 iPad Synthesizer In Action

Click here to view the embedded video.iPad Music Software: Here’s a new demo of the Korg iMS-20 iPad synthesizer in action.It highlights some of the new features of iMS-20 v1.1.  KORG iMS-20 v1.1 adds MIDI control capabilities by using the Apple Core MIDI features found in iOS 4.2, via the Apple iPad Camera Connection Kit. Now you can play the MS-20 Synth and tweak the onscreen “knobs” using external MIDI devices.Additionally, the six-part Drum Machine can receive different MIDI notes per part.

New iPad MIDI Controller For Your DAW, eyoControl

Click here to view the embedded video.eyoControl (App Store link) is a new $6.99 iPad app that offers a set of MIDI controllers for the iPad, including:

  • Surface is a control surface enabling access to various settings of your tracks through faders, knobs and buttons. Surface presents a traditional Mixer view as well as a Panel view, enabling fast access to the status of 64 tracks.
  • Pad is a MIDI controller with 4,6,8 or 12 programmable, touch-location sensitive pads. Each pad can be assigned a MIDI channel, color… Pad lets you play one or more virtual instruments on your DAW, such as drums or percussions.
  • Keys is a dual keyboard MIDI controller. You can choose among three different key widths per keyboard to best fit your style, assign each keyboard to a different MIDI channel to play two virtual instruments on your DAW at the same time.

eyoControl connects to your Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) through eyoControl Server (a free download at, MacOS only) allocating a virtual MIDI port per controller. It’s possible to use several iPads to connect to your computer this way and conrol various aspects of your DAW, depending on the controller capabilities.eyoControl Requirements:

  • an iPad with iOS 4.2 or above.
  • a Mac computer (Intel/PowerPC). Requires Mac OS X v. 10.5 or later.
  • a local WIFI connection through which the iPad can connect to your Mac computer.
  • a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software (such as Logic, Cubase…) with MIDI in/out capabilities.

Native Instruments Kontrol X1 Review

Click here to view the embedded video.
DJ TechTools‘ Ean Golden takes a look at the new Native Instrument Kontrol X1 and offers his thoughts on the DJ MIDI controller.

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