7th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge

via Moog Music where you'll find details on how to enter.

"Wake up, Benders, Modders, and Hardware Hackers; it's time for the 7th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge.

Moog Music was born when a young Bob Moog started tinkering with electronic circuitry. As a boy, Moog built small radios, amplifiers, and Theremins in his basement workshop with his father. The rest, as you know, is history.

Bob Moog Foundation Raffle for a Minimoog Signed by Rick Wakeman

via The Bob Moog Foundation, where you can enter.

"It's that time of year again! Our 2018 raffle for a pristine vintage Minimoog synthesizer launched today. This gorgeous synth, serial number 6360, stands on its own merits. Not only does it have an undeniable sonic legacy, but it has been expertly restored and is in excellent physical and technical condition. It's a gorgeous instrument inside

Win Arturia's New V Collection 6 on

via Reverb where you can enter.

"In one swoop, V Collection 6 brings the keyboard mainstays that shaped music with the flexibility and versatility of a digital environment. V Collection 6 is the ultimate collection of vintage keyboards. Compiling all 21 of Arturia’s award-winning software emulations of classic keyboards and synths into one software package, there has never been such an

Endorphines - Life is a trip ✈ SHUTTLE tour

Published on Nov 21, 2017 TheEndorphines

"We are launching the ‘Life is a trip’ contest and sending one SHUTTLE System out to be on a worldwide tour.

Moog Halloween Theremin 2017 Videos

Here is the official Moog playlist for this year's Halloween Theremin contest! Spooky times ahead. The list features a whopping 37 entries. You should recognize a few from previous posts, however, there are plenty more to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017 by Léa Portier

Published on Oct 26, 2017 Léa Portier

direction Linda trime et Grenadine Vengeance
music Grenadine vengeance"

Note tonight is the last night to submit an entry!

See previous entries here.

GLASYS Live Challenge

Published on Oct 24, 2017 GLASYS

The Prophet-6 almost looks like a Prophet-10 in the first idea video!

"Introducing the GLASYS Live Challenge!
Sing, rap or play your instrument over one of my 3 new ideas and you could win a Korg Minilogue analogue synthesizer, a Moog 108M Cluster Flux or merch from Dave Smith Instruments!

Read the rules:

Download the

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017

Published on Oct 23, 2017 Stexe

"Instruments: Moog Theremini, homemade synth / sequencer, circuit-bent toy"

See the Halloween label for more.

Moog Halloween Theremin Video Contest 2017

Published on Oct 16, 2017 parabolic9

"New product from Mooög! The MuRTS! Mechanical undead Rotating Theremin Sequencer! Rotating vanes control a theremin, while the theremin controls a voyager via CV. I originally tried to get this to play the first 8 beats of "happy birthday to you" but it wobbles too much and it's creepy enough as it is.
Made with love. and blood.

...coming soon.. the MIDI

Treat Yourself :)