Machinedrum Synthesis for Digitakt

Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities
Published on Aug 10, 2017

"When I got my first Monomachine and Machinedrum, it was the parameter locks that I was drawn to. And the way the machines only revealed musically tweakable parameters to me, the user.

Since I no longer have the Machinedrum, but am pretty drawn to those digital percussive sounds, I set out to emulate them on the Nord G2. And also

RA Sessions: Sandunes - Ever Bridge (intro) / SSP4/Untitled / The Trust

Resident Advisor
Published on Aug 10, 2017

One of India’s leading electronic music artists performs her dazzling live set.

“There are some amazing artists coming out of India,” a woman named Dhwani told us at Magnetic Fields last year.

'There were always a lot of artists—ten years back, 20 years back—but [now] I think they’re getting a platform,' said a woman called Saloni.

It’s likely

Clavia Nord lead A1

Electronic music by GIANNIS ARK
Published on Aug 6, 2017

"Nord lead A1 analog modeling synthesizer.
Giannis ARK - ARK Home Studio Cy - Cyprus."

Live Synth Session with Elektron Analog Four, Rytm, Murmux, Defender and friends

Rickinger B.
Published on Aug 6, 2017

All sounds recorded live into 2-Track in Logic Pro X.

Used Equipment:
Squarp Pyramid
Nord Lead A1R (Chords and Pads)
Moog SubPhatty (Lead)
Dreadbox murmux v2 (Bass)
Elektron Analog Four (Bass and Lead)
Elektron Analog Rytm (Drums)
Atari Defender

Live Gig Synth Practice Session - Nord Lead, Yamaha Cs2x, Renoise 3.1

Published on Aug 6, 2017

"This is a practice session for a live gig I recorded a couple of weeks ago. My wife and I usually perform as Laser Pig, but I was flying solo this time. There are a few rough edges while I warm up!

I'm sequencing a Nord Lead 12 voice, a Yamaha Cs2x, using a mini KP for delay and samples and beats mostly coming from Renoise 3.1 on an old netbook.

0:10 -

Nord Lead A1 - "Quatro Arpeggi"

Comparative Irrelevance
Published on Aug 5, 2017

"Just a quick little ditty on my brand new NL1A. This thing is just awesome: great sounding, and blindingly fast to program.

The synth is four parts multitimbral, and in this little patch I have each part set up using the arpeggiator in a different subdivision of the master tempo. The wheel controls the subdivisions for each part in a different

Roland TR 909 Emulation (on Nord G2)

Carl Mikael's Cabinet of Curiosities
Published on Aug 3, 2017

"Aiming to emulate classic drum machine sounds using the Nord Modular G2. A Roland TR 909 snare type of sound and a resonant kick drum. To bring the sounds to life and be closer to those on classic recording, I'm adding distortion and some filtering and EQ on the Elektron Analog Heat.

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Linnstrument & Nord Rack 3 - Enert Storm Improvisation

Published on Aug 1, 2017 cube48

"Yeah, I know, I should start practicing with metronome :)
Enert Storm is a name of one of my Linnstrument tailor-made MPE patches for Nord Rack 3. Reverbation by Eventide H9.

Sorry for the flickering LEDs, I yet have to find out the right camera setting."

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