YouTube via Essenz54

Sexual Healing by Romain Salgues

YouTube via coltrane14. Note the iTouch with iTouch MIDI.
"Sexual Healing-Marvin Gaye by romain salgues on clavia nord stage , clavia nord lead 2x and itouchmidi :)"

I'm guessing that's iTM Matrix here:
iTM Matrix
You can search for iTM in iTunes for more.

Binson Echorec 2

YouTube via Kernelproject
"Provant un Eco Binson Echorec 2 amb un sintetitzador Nord Electro 61. L'altaveu és un . Els sons estan programats per el meu chiquet de 1 any i mig!

Testing the Binson Echorec 2, with the synth Nord Electro 61 .
All the sounds are programmed by my son of 1 year and half !"

Orthologue "Tone Blue" Clavia Nord Modular sound

YouTube via orthologue

Orthologue "Marimo Dance" Clavia Nord Modular sound


flickr by Tinm@n

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"Experimental use of modified cheapo ebay Kodak Brownie Hawkeye Flash, born in Jan 1956 according to secret code marked YCRO on inside of camera, and 1990s expired Ektacolor film. Also my first ever home-developed colour c41"

Clavia Nord Lead

Sounds of the Clavia Nord Lead 1

YouTube via realsakul. Sounds come in at :45
"To all you Sound-Nerds out there!
I was bored, so I thought I'd share some Sounds of my Nord Lead with you... Enjoy! :)"

clavia jam mpeg2video

YouTube via hoobster5. What is that in front of the Nord Lead? Looks like half an Edirol MIDI controller.

Modulator ESP - Winterstream set

via the forum
"I played a half-hour set on Sunday for the Winterstream, live from my studio

Here's my little set-up for the event, Nord G2 into Electrix Repeater, two Evolvers, used for drones and some sequencing, SP-404 for pre-recorded drones and effects, Boss RE-20 space echo and VF-1 for reverb and delay

and here's a recording of my part of the stream, with start and end announcements


A symphonic theme

YouTube via attorks
"My 25th video upload to YouTube so a little anniversary!
A symphonic theme this time and did it all in 1 take. I was a little worried that the volume was somewhat too loud because of the heavy bassline but I did not hear obvious clipping. At first you hear a sequence from the Modular driven by row 1 of the Doepfer MAQ16/3. After that the volume is turned up for the sequence from the self built Modular driven by MAQ's row 2. The 3rd sequence comes from the Creamware MiniMax ASB which is driven by MAQ's row 3. The bassline and the melodies are performed on the AKAI AX80 and the Clavia Nord Lead 1."

dusk lights

flickr by pac209

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DSI Evolver
Clavia Nord Lead 3
Acidlab Bassline
Roland TR-707

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