OXYGENE 2 Jean Michel Jarre Cover (New Version), S4K USER

YouTube via Space4Keys
"My first video was removed from Youtube, but now that Mr. Jarre has given his permission I hope this video will remain up...
In this new version I used Nord G2 for all the sequenced stuff (drums, bass, arpeggio) and the lead sounds, Access Virus Ti for pads and Moog LP for filter FX.
For all JMJ fans out there,

A humble theme

YouTube via attorks
"The self build Modular (MFM) doing the african drum like sound and the with the CGS Steiner filter and the Ian Fritz 5-Pulser doing the odd note. Some improvisation on the AX80, the theme on the Nord Lead 1 and a singing G on the Kawai 100F completes the music."

MATNA performing "Tokyo"

YouTube via Matnagroup
"MATNA performing "Tokyo" live in Hamburg"
"Electronic Korg MS2000 ESX Electribe Novation Clavia Nord Electro Apple iBook MacBook VJ Beamer Kraftwerk live Ableton"

Easy Synthing: Nord Lead 2X keys (by Alien Robot Dance)

YouTube via se7ense7
"I just got this synth. I mean, like 30 minutes or so.
But it's just THAT hands-on that you really don't need the manual a lot to get started.

Juana Molina at Neumos in Seattle 6.19.06

YouTube via rise888. via fischek.
"Juana Molina at Neumos in Seattle 6.19.06 if you know the name of the song, please let me know!"

Nord Wave - Impressions

I've put a little review and a demo MP3 on my homepage:

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