Circuit Bending

Circuit Bending


Published on Sep 22, 2016 Bc iii

"Heavy use of vactrol circuits along with a circuit bent 80s drum machine and iampietro sampled drums."

DIY Synthesizer - An up close look

Published on Aug 19, 2016 Trance Zero Space

"This is an up close look at what the home-made synthesizer, the 'ESL i-Lander,' can do. The synth is a combination of purposely short-circuited electronics from a toy keyboard and parts from a MIDI keyboard that utilize iPad effects applied to the short-circuited sounds. iPad programs used in this video were Turnado by Sugar Bytes (the effects

Circuitbenders Harmonic Engine PCB - Clone E&MM Harmony Generator Kit From 1981

Published on Aug 18, 2016

"Clone of the E&MM Harmony Generator kit from 1981.

The board generates a squarewave at harmonic intervals related to the frequency of the input signal. Its quite tedious and predictable with a monophonic basic waveform as an input, but when you start using more complex sounds and percussion things start getting very strange and nasty. This is

A Look Inside & Live Bending of the SR-16

Published on Aug 10, 2016 HardtekStudios

"In this video, I open up my Circuit Bent Alesis SR-16 in order to not only see the circuit board, but also my circuit bending modification. Afterwards I will show you the circuit bending technique I used to find the best bends. Finally I will show you two different versions of the SR-16 circuit board, one bend friendly and one not. Of coarse I will show

circuit bent casio sk-10, patchbay and filter tests

Published on Jul 30, 2016 U-N-I-Versus Circuits

"circuit bending the casio sk-10 sampling keyboard and testing some stuff, some external effects might have been used (kaospad,reverb)
- lousy camera-sound - work in progress -"

Offset Organism (Circuit, Bent SR-16 & Retroverb)

Published on Jul 27, 2016 HardtekStudios

"Download the audio track for FREE here-
Having fun playing with some odd, off set rhythms. Circuit is going strait to the mixer which is then feeding Logic. The circuit bent SR-16 is going into the Retroverb then into the mixer feeding Logic. The track was then treated with some more verb, EQ & compression."

Dr. Blankenstein Workshops Coming to Maker Faire Detroit 2016

via @Dr_Blankenstein

"A shout out to #upcycling genius @TimSway in @TheHenryFord museum interview"

You'll find the interview here along with details on the event.

"At Maker Faire Detroit 2016, Drew Blanke—more formally known as “Dr. Blankenstein”—will arrive, trailing a rolling suitcase full of broken toys and noise-making creations along behind him. Over the weekend of July 30-31, 2016,

X1L3 - circuit bent Casio PT-80 with midi retrofit + eurorack - Synthetic industrial

Published on Jul 24, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0

Watch your volume levels on this one to start.

"Casiotone industrial.

Playing the Pt-80 via midi from reason. An A/R generator is hooked up to the CV input to apply an envelope to the filter cutoff. This comes into play more prominently as the video progresses. The circuit bent aspect isn't really used here and the video focuses on the midi, delay

X1L3 - circuit bent Casio PT-80 with midi retrofit + eurorack - The trip

Published on Jul 23, 2016 manufacturedZ3R0

"Casiotone trance.

Audio is slightly out of sync with the video, but the sun will still rise in the morning.

Playing the Pt-80 via midi from reason. Under pinned with a 4/4 sequence. An A/R generator is being triggered on 16th notes on my eurorack, also via midi. The attack/release is connected to the CV input on the casio, spiking the filter cutoff

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