Circuit Bending

Circuit Bending


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"15 M O D I F I C A T I O N S

1. Kick Mute
2. Snare Mute
3. Open Hat Mute
4. Closed Hat Mute
5. Accompaniment Mute
6. Kick/Conga Boost
7. Snare Trash
8. Closed Hat Decay
9. Accompaniment Drive
10. Accompaniment Filter
11. Feedback
12. Lo-Fi
13. Degenerator
14. Pitch Modulation
15. Voice Presence ( i / normal / ii )


Casio Chord & Chord

6th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge: Finalists & Honorable Mentions

via Moog Music

"From a sequencer controlled by a Nintendo Zapper to a tape loop device inspired by The Beatles's "Tomorrow Never Knows," this year's entries to the 6th Annual Moog Circuit Bending Challenge dazzled us with their thought, creativity, and resourcefulness. It was difficult to pare them down, but only three could go on to present their creations at Moogfest 2017 and compete for the

Bent Rapman Oscillator Bend thru Korg KP3

Published on Apr 20, 2017 HardtekStudios

"Now it is the Oscillator bends turn to get twisted up! Bent Rapman is processed in real time by the Korg Kaoss Pad 3 then recorded into Logic. No additional processing took place."

X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 - power electronics and harsh noise

Published on Apr 17, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"A trip through the hellscape. 25 minutes of power electronics and harsh noise.

Hard abuse of the delay and ruiner with a diy random cv modulator plugged in at the filter cv input.

You know the drill. Like the strap on... If you hate it then i probably already know. If you like it then i get that also and so do you :)

13 raw circuit bends - extreme

X1L3 - Circuit bent casio PT30 + CBUK CB55 drum module - darkwave synth jam

Published on Apr 16, 2017 manufacturedZ3R0

"Live key jam focussed on subtle use of the delay and ruiner mods. Under pinned by a CB55 drum module built using the board available at:

Not an overly bent or warped session, but a slick example of what a bent casio can sound like when modified with some finesse.

The CB55 has some mods applied which i've documented

Jeff and the Multi-Jeffs at the 7th Street Space, DeKalb, IL 4/11/17

Jeff and the Multi-Jeffs at the 7th Street Space, DeKalb, IL 4/11/17 from Creme DeMentia on Vimeo.

"Jeff and the Multi-Jeffs performing live at the 7th Street Space in DeKalb, IL. Also on the bill that night, Creme DeMentia, Babykettle, and Tim Kaiser. Featuring the Hypno Furby."

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017 - MOOGFEST - Lia Scott

Published on Apr 2, 2017 Lia Harmon

"A circuit bent Stylophone, Voice Changer toy and Violin. Entry for Moogfest 2017 Circuit Bending Challenge

Here is the Bill Of Materials

1. Stylophone (Found at Goodwill for $4.99)
2. Voice Changer Toy (Found at Goodwill for $1.00)
3. Violin and bow (found at Junk Store for $40)
4. Solder ($5.00)
5. Solid core wire ($2.00 at habitat for humanity)

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017 - Vola the Tape Four

Published on Apr 1, 2017 Vola Noisy Stuff

"This is the first part of my video for the Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017. This video is explains what the Tape Four is and shows what it can do.

The second part will focus on the concept and build and it will have the schematics and bill of material at the end of the video.

The Tape Four is inspired by the Beatles track Tomorrow Never Knows

Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017 - Mike Sisk

Published on Apr 3, 2017

"This is my entry to the 'Moog Circuit Bending Challenge 2017.' In this video I will show the steps I took to circuit bend and modify my Casio casiotone MT-100.

I call my modified version the AccompuTone."

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