Gerassic by mudlogger

Gerassic by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Tape loop made with a Ciat Lonbarde Gerassic synth and Nagra. Transferred to the er301 and triggered by a Monome grid connected to Teletype. Using the new 2.1 beta firmware for Teletype / Grid enabled scripting."

Tin Roof by mudlogger from mudlogger on Vimeo.

"Live modular drone using a Mannequins / Monone ISMS eurorack system"

Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde DIY Tocante Workshop in Stockholm November 18/19th

This one in via Todd Barton

For those in Stockholm,

Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde will be hosting a DIY workshop with the Tocante on November 18/19th. If you are interested in attending, contact

A Handful Of Notes | Mbira, Ciat-Lonbarde, OP1, D1000

Published on Sep 20, 2017 HAINBACH

"New album out now on Opal Tapes:

Trying out simpler patching and improvisation yielded this care-free piece of music. Cheers to Lightbath for making me finish this and upload it"

Sidrax time!

Published on Sep 15, 2017 hajimmie

"I haven't played sidrax organ for some while. This instrument has many possibilities and I think it excels when with some companion. well, it's solo in this video, though. I'm exploring its sound to sample and later used with Plumbutter.

Shot on the phone with internal mic so the sound isn't great on the video but hopefully it'll translate the atmosphere

Plumbutter time! [plumbutter #11]

Published on Sep 9, 2017 hajimmie

"It's a quiet Saturday night, perfect time for Plumbutter. I want a dual butter.
sorry audio is recorded by the phone mic."


Published on Sep 8, 2017 Peter B

"About the new Deerhorn Organ, with intersections:"

You can find previous posts on the Deerhorn here.


"The design of the Deerhorn circuit has evolved much since it was first created to answer Clara Rockmore's original complaint with the Theremin: "Can there be more than one pitch?". Lev

Shbobo Shtar javascript

Published on Sep 7, 2017 Peter B

"The javascript does the talking, the picture shows what it is. Manifesto is on the blog."

Peter B is Peter Blasser of Ciat-Lonbarde.

Zodiac of Light | Beatstep Pro, Metasonix D1000, Cocoquantus

Published on Aug 30, 2017

"While I am at Bauhaus doing weird performance stuff, here's something different: I got a crisp new Beatstep Pro from Arturia and hooked it up to my live rig. Its running the new firmware, which is a breeze once installed. The Beatstep controls the D1000 and the reset on the loops on the Coco.
My music:"

the analog therapy: take a break ! (modular tekno/breakbeat on the fly)

Published on Aug 24, 2017 analog therapy TV pirate

"this is my last ambient to tekno to break to drone improv ^^ made with my plumbutter + my eurorack travel case, my lorre mill double knot and my analog4 just for control the clocks, cv's and gates. enjoy ! ;)"

Washed Out | Tocante Phashi, OP1, FX Deformer, Timeline

Published on Aug 13, 2017

"Discovered that I can blow on the Tocante Phashi with a straw. Wasteland music ensued."

This might be the first time we've seen a straw being used as a controller. You can find previous posts featuring the Tocante Phashi here.

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