Mixed Frac Rack Format Modular System w/ Rare Modules

via this auction

"extremely powerful frac banana system that consists of Bugbrand, JH, Blacet, Wiard, Serge/Bananalogue, CGS and Metalbox modules. It challenges many modular systems that are way more expensive.

The blue Bugbrand modules in general are pretty rare and very much sought after. There are also a couple of gems in this system that are even rarer (very few have been made) like the


via this auction

The seller also has a Doepfer A-111 eurorack Dark Energy listed here.

Tangerine Patches

Published on Jul 30, 2017 Pirx Modular

"Four self-running patches generated on my DIY modular analog synthesizer: Tangerine Synth, using mostly CGS / Serge circuits."

State Variable Spring Reverb Demo

Published on Jun 22, 2017 djthomaswhite

"This is a demo of my SVR-101 State Variable Spring Reverb. It is a combination of the Paia Hot Springs Reverb, Crag Anderton (EPFM) Super Tone Control analog filter and a simple DC Mixer from Catgirl Synth (CGS). It is a mono effects device that can be used as:

- Spring Reverb alone
- State Variable Filter alone
- Or combinations of both with the filter

ASR Freez

Published on Jun 16, 2017 Robin Rimbaud-Scanner

"A little experiment using the Elby Designs CGS734 Analog Shift Register running three oscillators, the Verbos Electronics Complex Oscillator, Endorphin es Furthrrr Generator Oscillator and Harvestman Hertz Donut Oscillator, the latter of which runs through the 2hp Freez, triggered by a Modcon Quad LFO. Intellijel Metropolis is making the melodies

Modular vid #266

Published on Feb 26, 2017 Phisynth

"CGS22 Master Divider, CGS75 VCS, CGS13 Gated comparator & Dual Benjolin expanded (all in DIY modcan A format with temporary paperfaced panels) controlling the Serge & BugBrand modulars."

CGS49 Dual Wasp Filter Demo

Published on Dec 19, 2016 Lower West Side Studio

"Demonstration of Cat Girl Synthesizer's CGS49 Dual Wasp Filter. In this video I put Ken Stone's version of the Wasp Filter through some basic yet incredible sounding paces. Also in the patch are a Q106 VCO, an Oakley Multimix, Classic VCA and Dual LFO and a PAiA 9720 VCO running in LFO mode."

Lower West Side Studio 5U Demo Videos

Published on Jun 24, 2016 Lower West Side Studio

These were spotted and sent my way via John L Rice. Thank you John!


1. Stroh Dual Gene Splicer

"Demonstration of the Stroh Dual Gene Splicer MU Module from
Details on the DIY build can be found here"

2. Frequency Central System X ADSR Fast / Slow Envelope Demo

"Frequency Central's System X ADSR - Demonstration of

Serge modular: Best of CGS panel #1

Published on Feb 14, 2015 Lucent Records

"The first one of the Best of CGS series, only ten units made. In these few clips all sequencing are internal by the Sub-Oscillator module (with influence of the two VC-Slope Generators). Most of the Oscillator outs goes through the Wave Multiplayer. Some mono spring reverb added, thats all, no post. Find out more on muffs."

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